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Shredded Chicken Salad With Gochujang Dressing

If you've ever had bibimbap, the red sauce on the side is mainly comprised of gochujang, a fermented Korean chili paste. It's a great ingredient for marinades that need a little heat or in stir-fried dishes. Today, I'm using it in a salad dressing for a light salad of greens, vegetables, and chicken poached in sake. More

21 Light and Easy Chicken Dinners

Chicken: that inoffensive, play-it-safe option. Breathe life into the dinner staple with these recipes, in which chicken plays nicely with everything from soup to frittata, and Thai chili to Indian curry. Here are 21 quick, light meals to whip up on weeknights—you know, whenever you're not up to your usual coq au vin. More

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