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Cookie Monster: Absinthe Cookies

This year my Halloween costume was a bit of a bust. I dressed up as the Green Fairy, intending for people to make the connection between the Green Fairy, which is a nickname for Absinthe, and my boyfriend's costume as a 19th century, bohemian French painter. Everyone thought I was Tinkerbell. On the positive side, I was left with a bottle of Absinthe which we had bought to "add authenticity" to our costumes. More

The Best and Worst of Dean & Deluca's 15 Licorice Varieties

While perusing the aisles of Dean & Deluca a few days ago, I found to my delight, 15 different types of licorice sold in their bulk candy section. As I peered through the giant glass jars, I marveled at how many varieties I'd never even heard of. Licorice has always been one of my favorite treats. So much so that on Halloween, when all my friends would gather to trade our loot at the end of the evening as I would happily turn over my stock of Snickers bars for boxes of Good & Plenty, and receive star status for my peculiar tastes in candy. I thought I'd be able to handle all 15 without a doubt. Uh, I was wrong. More

Photo of the Day: Salmiakki Ice Cream

Photograph from blinkenpilzen on Flickr While browsing through the Serious Eats Flickr pool, this photo of a bitten chocolate-covered popsicle against a bright blue sky caught my eye as a sign of relief from the sweaty summer days to come. But upon closer look...wait, that's not chocolate-flavored—it's salmiakki-flavored, or salty licorice! And it has a licorice core! Oh sweet Jesus, that poor vanilla ice cream. Of course, if I loved licorice (and I wish I possessed such power; it makes me a bit sad to dislike a whole category of sweets) I would be singing a different tune. Alas, my taste buds have not developed a licorice-loving part yet. I'll give it a try if I'm ever in Finland.... More

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