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Cocktail Legalese: 5 Liquor Law Terms You Should Know

I've been thinking quite a bit these days about stupid, antiquated liquor laws, particularly in places like Chicago, where it's illegal to lower the price of alcohol during happy hour. I'll have more on that in the weeks to come, but it turns out that the world of booze laws, both outdated and otherwise, has a language all its own. Today we'll share a little glossary. More

Is Public Drinking Good For the Neighborhood?

Yesterday morning I had to make an appearance in front of a Judicial Hearing Officer at the New York City Criminal Court located at 364 Broadway, just a few blocks south of my office. My crime, you ask? No, it wasn't any sort of society rotting business like jaywalking or running a stop sign on my bicycle. I didn't commit the ghastly offense of urinating in public or using the emergency exit in a subway station (though I did have to sit through a couple cases of that nature). More

Coming Soon to North Carolina: Rare Burgers?

North Carolina law states (under section 2600, rule 2609, part E) that ground beef must be cooked to at least 155°F—the medium well/well done range. This law has been in place since 1993 when undercooked meat from Jack in the Box resulted in a deadly E. coli outbreak that killed four children and made hundreds of customers sick. Although restaurants in North Carolina aren't automatically shut down for undercooking burgers, they risk losing points on their (publicly displayed) sanitation scores, and a low-enough score could result in being shut down. More

More on the Beekeeping Bill

“Honeybees are quite predictable, docile, and beneficial," said Carroll Gardens beekeeper David Graves to The Brooklyn Paper. "They are very misunderstood." The beekeeping community has nicknamed Brooklyn Heights councilman David Yassky, "Yassky the Pooh," for his bill. Previously: Bill Introduced... More

Chicago's Proposed Ice Cream Truck Ban

Photograph from Josh Bancroft on Flickr Take the kids out of the room for this one. Yesterday, Chicago's 18th Ward alderman Lona Lane proposed an ordinance to city council prohibiting the sale of any frozen dessert from a vehicle operating in the 18th Ward. According to the Chicago Reader's blog Food Chain, her explanation: You see them exchange something at the window of the truck but they didn't have any ice cream. So I assumed that they were dealing drugs. I'm not saying every truck is doing that but I prefer them not to be in the 18th Ward. That way we're sure that they are not. A Drumstick with a side of powdery unknown substance? Won't somebody think... More

Country of Origin Labeling Takes Effect Tomorrow in U.S.

While a new food labeling law goes into effect tomorrow, don't expect to find the country of origin of processed food or roasted nuts, fruit platters, turkey, bacon, juice, and mixed frozen vegetables. Will consumers adjust their purchasing habits based on this new info? We'll be looking for reports after the six month compliance period.... More

U.S. Law Requiring Country of Origin Food Labeling Takes Effect Sept. 30

Says the Guardian: "...food manufacturers and grocery stores have to comply with a new federal law that requires "Country of Origin Labeling," or COOL, on beef, pork, chicken and lamb. The new labels will tell consumers whether their food came from animals raised in the U.S. or another country. The law also covers perishable items, such as fruits and vegetables and a variety of nuts." Multiple countries may be listed, and a huge loophole that exempts processed foods still exists.... More

21+ ID Required to Buy Wine Ice-Cream and Sorbet

A new bill passed by New York lawmakers will regulate the sale of ice-cream and sorbet containing wine, prohibiting sale to anyone under age 21 (although ice cream makers do not need a liquor license). Alcohol content must also be limited to 5 percent by volume, and warning labels must be placed on the product. If you're looking to get pleasantly buzzed, just know that you're gonna have to eat a lot: two gallons of wine ice-cream or one pint of wine sorbet are the equivalent to one glass. [via Gothamist]... More

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