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Do You Let Your Wine 'Open Up'?

If I could give five pieces of advice to people who are starting to get interested in wine, I'd point them this way. But if I couldn't say all that, recommending books and suggesting that they focus on tasting one grape at a time, I'd suggest this single tip: let your wine open up. More

First Look: Corkbuzz Wine Studio

When Master Sommelier Laura Maniec first began to dream of opening a wine school, she hoped to create a place where you could learn about wine in a casual setting—dropping in to a class like you might at a yoga studio, without the need to sign up for a semester-long commitment. But the dream grew from there—Maniec also wanted Corkbuzz to be a place that you could extend the experience, where you could return and bring friends for a glass of the wine you'd learned about in class. Realizing that there wasn't a wine bar or a wine school in the city quite like that—and realizing that she'd need all the liquor licenses and vendor accounts that go along with a wine bar anyway—Corkbuzz grew into the first of a new type of establishment. Maniec calls it a wine studio, and it's part wine school, part restaurant, part event space, and part wine bar. More

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