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Latte Art We Love

"Serious" coffee people don't always go in for all that latte-art stuff, but every once in a while you stumble across an example just too good not to swoon over. From graceful free-poured rosettas to painstakingly etched portraits, here's a slide show of some stunners I've been drooling over lately. More

Latte Art: How to Draw a Rosetta on Your Coffee

Like everything else coffee-related, mastering latte art ain't easy. (Thank heavens for that, because if it were I'd be out of a job.) With a little understanding of liquid physics and a whole lot of practice, however, just about anybody can pour some basic shapes into their morning latte. Here's a little primer to get you started. More

The Prettiest Coffees in the World Are Down Under

Seattle's got its latte artists at Caffe Vita, while the Londoners that jam Monmouth Coffee like their coffees understated. The coffees in Perth belong to another category altogether, thanks to "cappuccino Michelangelo" Simon Law. For other latte art, check out the pics at Google Images.... More

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