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Late Night Eating: East Village

What makes New York City "the city that never sleeps" is the fact that there's always someplace open to eat at any hour. Intern Jenn Sit checks out the classic nocturnal nosh spots in New York City's East Village, a neighborhood that is the epitome of cheap delicious late-night dining. More

Late Night Paris Eats

Gridskipper's Amanda Kludt put together a list of ten places to eat late in Paris, for people like myself who need to get something to eat after midnight in between bars lest we pass out. Kludt on Pied de Cochon: "This 50-year-old restaurant specializes in piggie parts, and they serve them 24 hours a day. They are one of the most famous brasseries in Paris and manage to have a pretty steady patronage even in the wee hours. Try the pig snout, the pig tail, or if that's a bit much for you, a large pile of shellfish." I know where I'm going the next time I'm out drinking in Paris!... More

Late Night Eats In LA

Live in Los Angeles and find yourself fiending for late night eats? If you've got a printer and a pair of scissors, Thrillist aims to solve your problem with its official Late-Night Gorging Wallet Card: "50+ places to get fat nearby wherever you already decided to get drunk." [via Eater LA]... More

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