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Where Bartenders Drink in Las Vegas

No one knows a city's best drinkeries like its talented bartenders. And that goes double in a city like Las Vegas. It's the glittering casinos and all-night clubs that draw most visitors' drinking dollars. But both on the Strip and off, it's possible to find great bars that don't demand bottle service or crazy table minimums. More

First Look: Kuma Snow Cream, Las Vegas

Jet Tila calls Kuma Snow Cream the next big thing in frozen desserts. Some call his Taiwanese dessert "snow ice," others refer to it as "fluff ice" and in Taiwan it's known as xue hua bing. Tila just calls it snow cream, which combines the feel of powdered snow with the taste of ice cream. He's just brought this refreshing dessert to Las Vegas and we stopped by to take a look. More

Las Vegas: What to Order at Lotus of Siam, One of the Best Thai Restaurants in America

So the question isn't whether to go to Lotus of Siam—you should (run, don't walk)—it's what to eat when you get there. With a menu of over 150 choices ranging from classic curries and noodle dishes to Northern Thai specialties and signature Lotus creations, there is no way to eat more than a small fraction in a single visit. Read this tutorial first. More

Obama Orders Pizza from Dom DeMarco's

This nation—at least half of it—always seems fascinated with what our presidents eat and where. Nattering nabobs like to pick apart their ordering options. Haters like to say, "Who cares?" We've had the opportunity to highlight President Obama and the First Lady's numerous burger runs, but it's rare he does pizza. On that note, did you see that the prez ordered a dozen pizzas and cannoli from Dom DeMarco's Pizzeria in Las Vegas? More

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