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Taste Test: The Best Pepper Jack Cheese

Taste Tests J. Kenji López-Alt 29 comments

First produced by Mexican Franciscan monks of Monterey, California, Monterey Jack cheese is one of the true original American cheeses. Add to that cheese bits of chopped hot peppers (usually jalapeño), and you've got yourself pepper jack. Perfect in jalapeño poppers, bang-up on burgers, crazy-good on crackers, top-notch at topping nachos, and, uh... inquedible in quesadillas, it's the snackers' cheese par excellence. So who makes the ooziest, tangiest, hottest of the bunch? More

Taste Test: Hot Chocolate Mixes

Drinks Erin Zimmer 41 comments

Since hot chocolate/cocoa is one of our favorite insides-warmers this chilly time of year, we set out to find the best. We tried 17 brands total. Find out how Swiss Miss compared to Ghirardelli and Jacques Torres, and which was like drinking pudding. More

If the Label Says 'Chocolatey,' Then it Ain't Serious Chocolate

Sweets Clay Gordon 6 comments

I've always thought pretty highly of dairy products from Land O'Lakes® and it really didn’t surprise me when I noticed their name on some bags of powdered hot chocolate mixes. What did surprise me was the phrase on the front of a bag of Land O'Lakes Triple Chocolate International Drinking Cocoa™ ... "Brimming With Chocolatey Flakes." More

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