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Serious Eats Amateur Wine Taste-Along: Lambrusco

Is it just me, or does every girl love bubbles? When I watch my female friends scan through a wine list, there's a moment when their eyes pop, a slight smile starts forming, and it's clear what's happening—we're going to be drinking sparkling wine tonight. When I started telling my friends that we're tasting Lambrusco this week for the Taste-Along, I've gotten a resounding "Oh, awesome!" from the ladies. From the dudes? Just, "What's that?" Well, now it's time to level everyone's playing field on this sparkling red wine from Italy. More

Lambrusco: If Sweetness Is Wrong, I Don’t Want to Be Right

If Chianti can overcome the image of a dripping wax candle stuck into a fiasco (the traditional straw covered Chianti bottle with low-quality connotations) then why can’t Lambrusco? In a recent article by Eric Asimov, he points out that Lambrusco is worth drinking and mentions the struggle it has had in overcoming an image as a commercial, low-quality product. And so Lambrusco became a joke among serious wine-lovers, who had little use for it other than comparing memories, as with Boone’s Farm or Lancer’s rosé, of their introductions to the pleasures of hangovers. The time has come to consign this unfortunate impression of Lambrusco to the same locked attic trunk that holds the '70s disco wear.... More

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