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Serious Cheese: Tolerating La Tur

"The more acidic the cheese, the less lactose is in there, and the more tolerable it should be for most people." Photo from Murray's CheeseIn the intervening weeks since the last post about my apparent lactose intolerance, not only have I been able to tolerate small amounts of dairy consumed infrequently, I have also spent a lot of time caring for a new baby in our family. All this to explain that a) I haven't yet seen a doctor about my sudden inability to enjoy vast amounts of gelato and Ukranian food, and b) I haven't had much free time in which to experiment with my new-found lactose intolerance. I have generally not shied away from dairy, however, even if... More

Serious Cheese: Part Two in the Adventures of Lactose Intolerance

"On a couple of occasions I've been bold enough to try a bowl of cereal with one-percent milk." I have been humbled, surprised, and, frankly, a bit overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and advice in response to my post last week about my lactose intolerance discovery. You have shared many ideas, from the practical to the fanciful. Probably the best advice I received was to make an appointment with my doctor to get tested. Lots of folks said that gallbladder problems, dairy allergies, and celiac disease can all produce symptoms similar to lactose intolerance. I have heeded this advice and will be seeing my doctor soon. I have a feeling he'll send me straight to a gastroenterologist, so I... More

Lactose and My Adios

Slice Is No Longer Being Updated. Feel Free to Poke Around the Archives Ladies and gents, it's time to level with you. I've been having sleepless nights as of late for more than one reason. First, I noticed that whenever I ate pizza or anything with a dairy component, I started feeling funny. I won't go into details, as you may be eating lunch right now, but suffice it to say, it wasn't pretty. After seeing my doctor, he diagnosed lactose intolerance. I pressed on for the sake of this site, trying Lactaid and reading various lactose intolerance forums for... More


The Health News Digest is running an informative piece this week on lactose intolerance. According to the article, an estimated 30-50 million Americans (or about 10 to 15 percent of the population) may experience the characteristic symptoms of lactose intolerance. The symptoms are caused by the lack of the enzyme lactase, which breaks down lactose, or milk sugar, into the more digestible simple sugars glucose and galactose. On the flip side you have Jeffrey Steingarten, "the Man Who Ate Everything," who claims that lactose intolerance is an overblown contrivance of a nation of deluded and finicky eaters. Perhaps the truth, as is the case with many things, lies somewhere in the middle? In most aged cheeses, lactose is largely absent.... More

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