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Taste Test: The Best Pepper Jack Cheese

First produced by Mexican Franciscan monks of Monterey, California, Monterey Jack cheese is one of the true original American cheeses. Add to that cheese bits of chopped hot peppers (usually jalapeño), and you've got yourself pepper jack. Perfect in jalapeño poppers, bang-up on burgers, crazy-good on crackers, top-notch at topping nachos, and, uh... inquedible in quesadillas, it's the snackers' cheese par excellence. So who makes the ooziest, tangiest, hottest of the bunch? More

April Is National Grilled Cheese Month

It's not always clear who decides these things, but April is National Grilled Cheese Month, so let's get our goo on. All month, Pithy and Cleaver will feature grilled cheese recipes (they started with the tomato soup classic, except the soup is in the sandwich!). The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board also has some ideas. For the plastic-looking cheese fans, Kraft Foods launched a site where people can submit 50-word testimonials to Kraft Singles for a chance to win freebie coupons. On April 25, there's a Grilled Cheese Invitational happening in Los Angeles (the seventh annual, mind you). New categories this year include: the Missionary Position (standard bread, cheese, and butter with nothing fancy); the Kama Sutra (any kind of... More

Serious Cheese: Macaroni and Cheese Product

"Many of the 'cheesiest' products in the supermarket are not made with real cheese." Photograph from srboisvert on Flickr When I was a kid, Kraft used to run a very memorable commercial for their boxed Macaroni and Cheese in which they marketed their product as "the cheesiest." In fact, it was so cheesy, the ad argued, it should be called "Kraft Cheese and Macaroni," as if the order of the components determined their relative importance. Well, Kraft's dirty little not-so-secret is that their boxed macaroni and cheese doesn't even contain real cheese but a sort of alchemical admixture of cheese's component parts: whey, milkfat, and milk protein concentrate. And now, if Sen. Darrel Aubertine's bill passes in the New York... More

Vintage Advertising from Mom's Basement

Found in Mom's Basement is a site that archives vintage ads, some of which are food-related like those above, retrieved from flea markets, various corners of the Internet, and the actual basement of the blogger Paula Zargaj-Reynolds's mom. [via Coudal Partners] Related An Evolution of Pabst Advertising Risqué Orangina Ads Stir Controversy Luxe Ads for Everyday Food... More

Kraft Launches New Lazy People Food

No need to lift a finger for the spoon drawer anymore when Cool Whip cravings hit. Kraft will soon package the puffy white garnish in an aerosol can, much like other air-infused whipped cream cousins. Just squeeze and shoot. This is part of Kraft's new line of eighty re-packaged products, specifically catering to the most sloth-like of eaters. Yes, Uncrustables were just the beginning. We recently told you about the Bagel-ful, which eliminates the hassle of cream cheese spreading, but there's more. Goldfish Mac N' Cheese crackers are shaped like macaroni noodles. Chew them up and it's as if you spent a few minutes boiling water and stirring in powdered cheese to make one of the already-easiest-to-make foods. Pudding doesn't... More

Kraft Reformulates Oreos for Chinese Palates

In order to gain more customers in China, Kraft reformulated their Oreo in different ways, including lowering the sugar content of the round sandwich cookies and making a new Oreo snack in the form of wafer sticks, now the best-selling biscuit in China.... More

You Can't Compare Low-Fat to Full-Fat And Expect People Not to Notice

Rebecca Blood discusses the Annie's Homegrown CEO's comments in response to Megnut's post on the recent Annie's vs Kraft debacle in Salon: "Sure, John Foraker's statement is accurate. But it's deliberately misleading, comparing a low-fat version of his product to a full-fat version of his competitor's. Falling back on "recommended preparations" doesn't cut it. His statement is designed to give the impression that, all things being equal, Annie's macaroni and cheese is noteably lower in calories, fat, and sodium than Kraft's."... More

Kraft In Hot Water Over Capri-Sun

We have always wondered why nearly juice-less drinks could get away with the label "all natural." Capri-Sun and Kraft are about to answer that question in court. The Consumer Law & Policy blog addresses the same issue here, citing the Cadbury-Schweppes tussle over 7-Up.... More

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