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Bacon and Egg Jellyfish Plushie

Photograph from Yummy Pancake on Flickr Denise Ferguson has many cute food-related crocheted plushies (known as amigurumi) under her belt, but her bacon and egg jellyfish is one of the best/weirdest food plushies I've ever seen. Her other breakfast mutants include toast with bacon arms and Uber Creepy Breakfast Monster. You can buy her creations at Etsy. [via Found Shit and Knithacker]... More

Candy Corn Knit Cap

Editor's Note: Every morning in October, we'll have something to put you in the Halloween mood! Candy corn is a love or hate situation, but some people just really really love it. If your ears are cold and you're on the pro side of the candy corn debate, then here's a free hat pattern through Reenie at the yarn site Material Whirled. [via Craftzine]... More

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