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Who Else Is Obsessive About Their Pantry? (This Obsessive?)

You're on your way home from the office and are overcome by an irrepressible urge to braise short ribs. Problem: you can't remember if you have any bay leaves left at home. Enter technology. My pantry has now gone 100% digital. I've entered every non-readily-perishable ingredient (all 353 of them) in my kitchen into a Google Doc spreadsheet which I can access and update any time from my computer, my phone, or my laptop, even in the middle of the supermarket. More

Photo of the Day: Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond Has a Messy Kitchen Too

Hey, that looks a little like our kitchen during a big cooking or baking project. You know, when you might assume a mini tornado ripped through the scene? Ree Drummond, aka the Pioneer Woman, uploaded this photo over on Instagram. Ain't no shame in sharing the reality of a chaotic kitchen. Do you usually let the dirty bowls pile up, or are you a clean-as-you-go type? Does looking at this image stress you out a bit? More

Video: Lifehacker's Guide to Reorganizing Your Kitchen

Where does the electric turkey carver go on non-Thanksgiving days? When's the last time you dug into the treacherous bowels of the junk drawer? Where should you store all those darn lids? In this time-lapse video, Lifehacker editor Kevin Purdy organizes his kitchen, getting smart about what goes where. Space-hogging bits and bots, begone! The four-hour kitchen purge was inspired by the "Organize Your Kitchen Like a Programmer" chapter in Cooking for Geeks by Jeff Potter. Also, the video contains a cat cameo. More

Weekend Cook and Tell Round Up: Catastrophic Cupboard Cleanup

[Photograph: Caroline Russock] Last week's Weekend Cook and Tell challenge was a little different than our usual topics. In fact it didn't involve actual cooking at all. Catastrophic Cupboard Cleanup stemmed from my embarrassingly overfilled and disorganized kitchen cabinets. I was curious to see how all of you keep your pantries neat and tidy with so many ingredients on hand. How do you keep track of what lies behind the closed doors of the cupboards to make sure you don't go out buying a second jar of fennel seeds or yet another can of coconut milk? Organization is obviously the key to overcoming kitchen clutter, let's take a look at some face the chaos.... More

Vintage Tea Packing Chest Kitchen Cabinets

[Photograph: Rupert Blanchard] London-based designer and builder Rupert Blanchard made these nifty kitchen cabinet doors by veneering them with vintage tea packing chests from the 1930s to 1960s. The kitchen belongs to Time Based Arts, a post-production studio based out of an old Victorian townhouse attached to Shoreditch Town Hall. [via Re-Nest]... More

Cool Kitchen Stickers From Hu2 Design

[hu2.com] Hu2 Design creates stickers that can be applied to walls, windows, furniture, or any other flat surface around the house. In the kitchen department, they've got some neato images of a corkscrew, plants, a fly swatter, and fridge contents. As a wee lass, I spent way too much money on stickers. Maybe it's time to readopt this financial approach. Related 'Print' Magazine's Food Issue Swissarmius, a Swiss Army Knife-esque Cutlery Holder Spilt Milk Cereal Bowl... More

Video: The Man's Kitchen from 'Home Improvement'

Check out the ultimate "Man's Kitchen," according to Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor and Al Borland from Home Improvement. It's got everything today's man needs: vegetable pantry of beans and potatoes, super powered "macrowave," butcher, drink dispensers (beer, root beer, and Pepto-Bismol at your fingertips), and more. It's even self cleaning! Watch the video after the jump.... More

In Design: A Kitchen Renovation VI

Our cabinetry is set to arrive today, and installation is scheduled for tomorrow. If all goes according to plan, in a few days, we'll be moving forward with countertop fabrication. In the course of designing our kitchen, our choice for countertop materials was complicated. Since we use our kitchen so often, picking a durable, practical material was important, but so was aesthetics. Besides, this is the center of our home. Inspired by apothecary shops and old-school laboratories, we initially wanted materials like white marble and soap stone. Both can withstand the heat of a hot pot (though suppliers recommend trivets and cutting boards to further protect the countertop materials), and properly finished, they also provide a cool, smooth surface for... More

In Design: A Kitchen Renovation V

The hall floor, before and after renovation. Physical work on our new kitchen began about two and a half weeks ago and has been moving along. Our new tile floor is down and looking lovely, demolition is done, our stove hood ductwork is in place, most of the plumbing is completed, and electrical work is in progress. Leveling the Ceiling and Floor There have, however, been a few minor snags. These have mainly resulted from the fact that none of the surfaces in our kitchen or its adjoining hallway are level, square or even smooth. When measured from a level line struck around the perimeter of the room, the height of our ceiling varied by about two inches—a significant... More

In Design: A Kitchen Renovation IV

Permits nearly in hand, contractors lined up, cabinets on schedule, appliances ordered—we are finally about a week or two away from beginning the actual construction on our new kitchen. With that in mind, this past weekend was a whirlwind of last-minute decision making and ordering and the realization of a potential snafu: tile. The Tile Design Though we had selected cabinetry and appliances with decidedly clean, modern designs, much of our initial design inspiration had come from the aesthetics of old apothecary shops and the pre-war details of our building. Thus, we had decided early on that we wanted to use small hexagonal tiles Though the majority of the floor was to be tiled in one color, we were... More

Inside The Kitchen Issue of The New York Times: Home & Garden

It's from the weekend, but there was a lot of great info in the New York Times's special kitchen issue. Here's a rundown of what you may have missed. Using Craigslist, second-hand items and even discarded Dumpster finds, a woman finds a cheap and green way to renovate her kitchen. The new trend in kitchen counters eschews granite in favor of other materials like wood, copper, soapstone and recycled materials. Designer Christopher Peacock's name is synonymous with luxurious kitchens with a six-figure price tag that have transformed him into a full-fledged brand. No need to revamp your kitchen to make it new and improved, however: check out this slideshow of sleek, subtle enhancements like a new sink or faucet: instant... More

In Videos: Kitchen of the Future, 1999 A.D. (1967)

The kitchens of 1999 didn't turn out as advanced as 1967 would've hoped. All a busy mother had to do was punch a dinner choice into the computer and a few seconds later a pre-portioned frozen meal would pop out of a conveyor belted microwave oven fully cooked. (Asshole husband and ODC son hopefully not included.) Watch the video, after the jump. [via Bitten and TreeHugger]... More

Video Tour of Moby's Kitchen

What goes on inside the vegan kitchen of musician Moby's New York City apartment? Watch Epicurious' video tour to peek into his refrigerator, look at his favorite kitchen tools ("If you're hungover, [the microwave] becomes your best friend"), and learn how to make vegan blueberry pancakes with spelt flour, oat bran, and wheat bran.... More

In Design: A Kitchen Renovation III

An example of kitchen cabinetry from Veneta Cucine. It has been more than a month since my last post about our kitchen renovation, and unless one counts an evening of hasty plaster removal, the physical work has yet to begin. Nonetheless, we’ve made progress. As we had more or less expected, the lynch pin of the project, effecting overall scheduling, design and budget, has been the kitchen cabinetry.... More

Your Kitchen Needs to Lose Weight

Instead of focusing on losing weight by watching your diet, maybe you need to watch your kitchen. The New York Times's Well Blog gives an overview of Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?, a new book by Peter Walsh that explains how to de-clutter your home for a healthier lifestyle. If you want to start "stripping away the excess 'fat' from your kitchen," get rid of those kitchen appliances you don't use anymore along with anything that's broken, stained, or chipped.... More

1944 Dream Kitchen

I can't place my finger on it, but there's just something I really love about this illustration of a dream kitchen circa 1944. LR Monkeytoes found it pasted into one of her mother's scrapbooks from back in the day: "She not only cut out these types of photos but also ones of fresh fruit, a glass of orange juice and other foods not readily available in rural Canada in the 30's! "... More

Smallest, Coolest Kitchen Contest 2007

Tomorrow, April 6, is the last day to enter Apartment Therapy's Smallest, Coolest Kitchen Contest 2007, for "people with kitchens in apartments under 65 square feet and living in the U.S. We are seeking the 20 most ingenious and beautiful submissions of kitchens along with all the tips and resources we could all use to improve our own kitchens."... More

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