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Photo of the Day: Elvis Cutting Board

The colors may not jibe with your china, but this glass cutting board—heat-resistant up to 535ºF and dishwasher safe—salutes the King of Rock 'n' Roll in only the best way possible. With eggplant side burns. You know you've made it big in the music industry when kitchenware designers give you eggplant for hair. [via Yumsugar]... More

In Design: Kitchenwares in Lisbon

My husband and I went to Lisbon for the first time (hopefully not the last) recently. Knowing virtually nothing about the city or, for that matter, Portuguese history and culture at large, we chose the destination on the basis of some vague recollections of positive things heard, the fact that we hadn't been there before and, in light of the trip's brevity, that it wasn't too far away. More

Rice Cooker FAQ

Thinking of buying a fancy rice cooker but don't know which kind to get? Over at Just Hungry Maki Itoh posted a great FAQ about rice cookers regarding size, features, and price.... More

Serious Eats Gift Guide: Kitchen Essentials

If you know someone who's serious about cooking at home, what better gift is there than gear? Some of these suggestions might lack the wow factor of expensive toys from those fancy home goods stores, but over time the recipient will actually find them useful. More

In Gear: Pie Birds

Thinking about Thanksgiving, my mind makes its first stop at turkey but invariably forges on to pie, where it lingers, meditating on silken pumpkin, lightly spiced apple and sticky, sweet pecan, among others. Considering topics for this week’s piece, I took the progression one step further: bird to pie to pie bird. When I was a child, a small, bird-shaped tchotchke perched on my mother’s kitchen windowsill, silhouetted against the sunlight beyond. I recall being told that it was a pie bird, that you stuck it in the center of a pie before baking and that it whistled when the pie was ready. I had all but forgotten it until I received one, almost identical to my mother’s, for my... More

In Gear: Knives and Tools for Bird Carving

One of the highlights of the holiday season, at least for me, is the prevalence of big, carnal, bone-in masses of meat: whole roasted turkeys and geese, racks of lamb, standing rib roasts…..raaaaoooarrrrr! But what is the best tool for bringing these unwieldy beasts into submission, breaking them down readily into tidy bits and pieces fit for consumption at a civilized holiday table? Carving knives are nice. Their length allows for long, smooth passes through large pieces of meat, their relatively narrow blades facilitate maneuverability in between and around rib cages and breast bones, and, when paired with a carving fork, they smack of wholesome tradition—Bob Cratchit presiding over the Christmas table. Carving knives are, however, no necessity. Not only... More

Onion Action Goggles

If chopping onions bring you to tears, you might want to invest in a pair of Onion Action Goggles. They won't fog up, and they provide a foam seal to keep out onion vapors. [via Swissmiss]... More

In Design: OXO Good Grips Corn Stripper

On a recent trip to a local Sur La Table, I discovered the Oxo Good Grips Corn Stripper, which is neither an exotic dancer from Iowa nor a tool used for foot care. Rather, it is, of course, a gadget devoted to cutting corn kernels from corn cobs. I was hesitant to dive in. First of all, historically, I have not been an advocate of Good Grips products, with their bulky, awkward knobs and handles, pandering to kitchen neophytes who are threatened either by kitchen tools in general or by the imagined fatigue, calluses, and finger dents that the occasional use of kitchen tools might cause. Secondly, I have a kitchen full of gadgets that never get used—crank-action apple peelers,... More

Delonghi Healthy Indoor Grill

If you like grilling your food but live somewhere the weather keeps you from doing it all year, the Delonghi Healthy Indoor Grill cooks with a combination of contact and radiant heat, goes from 350 to 455 degrees, and best of all is way more attractive than anything in the George Foreman line. $119.95 at Crate and Barrel. [via Kitchen Contraptions]... More

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