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Video: Alton Brown's 5 Essential Pieces of Kitchen Equipment

Now that it's a new year, we're on our way to becoming our best, healthiest, most organized selves. For those looking to simplify their kitchens, we gladly present: Alton Brown's five essential pieces of kitchen equipment. In our latest episode of the Chewing the Fat video series, TV personality and food science whiz Alton Brown (Good Eats, Iron Chef America) elaborates on quite the interesting hit-list, including a few "essentials" many might not include. More

Mario Batali Pizza Kit

I love the looks of the Mario Batali Pizza Set by kitchenware manufacturer Copco, with its orange colorway to match Batali's famous ponytail and clogs, and I'm sure it makes great pizza, but who's the target market for a kit like this when it's priced at $169.95—and used to cost $63.50 more? Serious cooks will already have most of the equipment in there and the ones they don't, well—Batali's pizza cutter is well-regarded, available without the kit and affordable at $14.95, and how many people do you know who want a garlic slicer?—and it's an expensive investment that might not pay off if you don't already know your way around the kitchen, or if you're buying it for someone... More

How to Outfit a Kitchen for $300

I give myself notional hives whenever I think of upgrading my kitchen equipment—$200+ for a mixer?—so Mark Bittman's piece in the NYT this morning on how to properly outfit a kitchen for $300 was informative as well as calming. His secret? Forget all the branded stuff and visit a restaurant supply house: "The point is not so much that you can equip a real kitchen without much money, but that the fear of buying the wrong kind of equipment is unfounded. It needs only to be functional, not prestigious, lavish or expensive." I guess all the OXO stuff can wait till I win the lottery.... More

Love Song to a Hand Blender

I've long been a fan of Regina Schrambling's Gastropoda, which is refreshingly acidic when many food blogs are nothing but saccharine, so I got an extra big kick out of reading what is essentially a paean to her newly-purchased immersion blender in the LA Times. She cops to immediately "going as crazy as a Martha Stewart groupie who has just discovered the glue gun"—she "[whips] through pesto, tapenade, asparagus soup, red pepper purée and hummus, while also grinding walnuts into flour and converting a hard roll into fluffy bread crumbs" in a mere forty-five minutes after ripping her blender out of its box! Schrambling points out that you can easily drop a few hundred dollars on blenders graded for... More

Apron With Built-In Oven Mitts

I rarely remember to wear an apron and I keep misplacing my oven mitts, so maybe the Apron + Built-In Oven Mitts from Dutch design house Royal VKB will do the trick for me? It's available in olive, blue and green, and costs $25 plus shipping from A + R Store. [via Mighty Goods]... More

The Best Blender/Food Processors For Your Buck

In the LA Times, Noelle Carter puts a range of combination blender/food processor machines through their paces: "We split our tests into two rounds, first measuring blender and then processor capabilities for power, capacity, operation and ease of cleaning. Using blender attachments, we crushed ice, emulsified mayonnaise and puréed hot soup. The processor attachments were tested by chopping onions, slicing and grating carrots, processing a pico de gallo recipe and whipping cream." They're no Rosie the Robot from the Jetsons, but here are the two best picks: The affordable: the Cuisinart SmartPower Duet Blender/Food Processor came out "best in show for blender-processors," and is currently $89.95 (30% off) at Amazon. The pricey: the Bosch Universal Series Kitchen Machine costs... More

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