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In Videos: The Kitchen Gun

BANG, BANG, BANG! That's the sound cleanliness makes! The Kitchen Gun is just like any normal gun (dangerous, makes loud noises, could kill people) except it also turns a dirty, grungy sink into a sparkly surface (with bullet holes, mind you). This silly commercial appeared on the BBC sketch comedy show, The Peter Serafinowicz Show. Video, after the jump.... More

Kitchen Gadgets, Gear, and Geekery: The Three-Ring Recipe Notebook

File this one under the third "G" -- Unclutterer, a slick new blog that offers advice on staying organized, just posted a straightforward howto about creating a personal cooking notebook, using Post-Its, sheet protectors, and a three-ring binder. It's the site's latest post on reducing kitchen clutter, and while most Serious Eaters might be hard pressed to go on the drastic cookbook diet they suggested in a previous column, I can whole-heartedly endorse the wonders of sheet protectors to extend the life of printed recipes beyond one sauce-drenched session. They're also great for adding pages to the aforementioned three-ring binder without having to rummage through your desk drawers for that ultimate unitasker, the hole-punch. My only amendment to Unclutterer's... More

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