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Skip Cocktail Measuring with the ReJigger

What the ReJigger does is simple: it has a compartment for the right quantity of each ingredient for a mixed drink. (Inventor Marcus Wang claims it makes an 'endless number' of different cocktails, but he starts with 9 basic recipes.) The Rejigger then caps onto a standard pint glass so you can shake the drink, and then works as a strainer to get the chilled cocktail into your serving glass. More

Kickstarter Project to Raise Money for PBS Food Show

There's no shortage of worthy food-related projects waiting to be funded on Kickstarter, but I'd like to give a shout-out to the good folks at Foster Harris House in Washington Virginia, just down the road from the Inn at Little Washington. Chef-owner John MacPherson is a really good cook who's committed to sustainable agriculture in an inclusive way. He's trying to raise money for a PBS food show, In Season. Read more about the Kickstarter project here. More

Gift Couture's Kickstarter Campaign for Burger-themed Wrapping Paper

If you want the burger-themed wrapping paper above to become a reality, help fund Gift Couture's Kickstarter project. They're trying to raise $7,900 by the end if January 1 to print at least 1,000 sheets of each design and ship them to backers, along with enable them to release future sets of wrapping paper. A minimum $20 pledge will get you a full set of the burger gift wrap, while a pledge of $150 or more will also get you a handmade golden cheeseburger trophy. More

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