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Serious Reads: Colonel Sanders and the American Dream, by Josh Ozersky

Fast food chains have become so ubiquitous, and each franchise store so identical, that it is easy to forget their unique and often tumultuous beginnings. Kentucky Fried Chicken, now known simply as KFC, was founded in 1952 as a simple cafe by "Colonel" Harland Sanders. Since those early days, the chain has expanded to 15,000 locations in 105 countries. In Colonel Sanders and the American Dream, longtime food (and meat) author Josh Ozersky details the rise to fame of the fried chicken chain and its incredibly recognizable white-suited icon. More

Fast Food: KFC Chunky Chicken Pot Pie Is Awesome

You've probably seen the corny-but-cute commercials where 70s-looking dudes in a 70s-looking car order this near-perfect pie; I'm not usually drawn to goofy retro advertising—and almost never drawn to retro eating; I'm not a big "comfort food" advocate—but I'd gladly grow sideburns while waiting in line for gas if there was a Chunky Chicken Pot Pie involved. More

Fast Food: KFC Big Value Box

KFC seems to be returning to its roots with the current promotion of the Big Value Box. The BVB is a cardboard carryall stuffed with an individual-sized serving of popcorn chicken, a biscuit, two sides of your choosing, and a fried thigh (you get a giant jug of soda, too), and it served as my reintroduction to a chain I've forsaken for too long. More

KFC vs Lee's: Finding the Real Kentucky Fried Chicken

Growing up there were two fried chicken places in my hometown: Lee's Famous Recipe (known over the years as Famous Recipe and later just Lee's) and KFC (formerly Kentucky Fried Chicken). KFC was Coca Cola while Lee's was RC Cola in that KFC had way better marketing and national distribution. But I decided it was finally time to go beyond my childhood biases and superficial rankings and take a true Kentucky fried chicken challenge. More

KFC in the UK: Is Fast Food Better in Europe?

When most people think of "England," the first thing that pops into their minds is the royal family, or Austin Powers, or right now, the Royal Wedding. For me, it's KFC. For the most part, the menu was the same; however, KFC in London offered fries, rather than biscuits. Two other UK-specific items were the Godfather Meal and the Krush'ems. More

The Best Fast-Food Fried Chicken Sandwich?

In the fast food world, fried chicken sandwiches are the new black. Just about every chain, whether a burger chain or fried chicken establishment, offers multiple versions. But which are the best? We tried the standard fried chicken sandwiches, whether chicken patty-like or chicken fillet-like, from KFC, Popeye's, McDonald's, Chick-fil-A, Wendy's, and Burger King. During the tasting, one thing became very clear: not all chicken is created equal. More

Double Down Showdown: KFC's New Doublicious

If the Big Mac is the fast food equivalent of Michael Jackson, the KFC Double Down is Justin Bieber. Think about it: the Big Mac is the most famous fast-food item of all time, but there was a time recently when the Double Down stole the show. In the wake of the Double Down's success, KFC wants to capitalize on its fame with the "Doublicious," a new iteration that re-incorporates that old sandwich staple: bread. More

Double Down Throwdown: Our Homemade Version Takes on KFC's

To me, the grossness of the KFC Double Down sandwich is the same as what's gross about all fast food: convenience and quality. It's simply too easy to walk up to a window, hand over five bucks, and get 600 industrially produced calories prepared by a worker who couldn't care less. As a culinary concept, on the other hand, chicken, bacon, and cheese sounds pretty good to me. So what if I were to recreate the Double Down with time and care using quality ingredients? How would it compare to the original? More

Poll: Would You Eat the KFC Double Down Sandwich?

Well, we did. (We did it for you!) KFC released the meat-on-meat Double Down sandwich today. It's two boneless white chicken fillets acting as the bread ends (you have your choice between "original" fried and grilled) with two slices of cheese (Monterey and Pepper Jack), two slices of bacon, and a slather of the "Colonel's Sauce" (a creamy peach-colored goo) inside. We tried both. More

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