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Wake and Bake: Glazed Key Lime Bread

There were a million food moments over the course of that trip that more than justified my cockeyed plan. Mountainous, tender biscuits at Tupelo Honey in Asheville, North Carolina. Fried chicken at JCT Kitchen in Atlanta. Everything at Franklin BBQ in Austin. One of the simpler moments was a quick breakfast in Mobile, Alabama. A fat slice of key lime bread and a cup of hot coffee before we turned west and pushed on into the bayou. More

Pie of the Week: Key Lime Pie

The goal of this recipe is simple: a pie that takes folks back to the kitschy nostalgia of an early bird special, that gets treated with all of the finesse and attention it deserves. No neon green fillings, jell-o jiggles, or metallic-tasting pre-squeezed juice allowed. The whole point of the dessert is to celebrate the bright, tangy taste of real key limes. More

The Secret Ingredient (Key Lime): Key Lime Scallop Ceviche

For this ceviche, I start with mild, sweet sea scallops cut into a fine dice, and toss them with simple spikes of flavor from garlic, scallion, chili, and cilantro. The marinade gets its punch from freshly squeezed key lime juice, which mostly cooks the scallops and imparts a heady citrus scent, and pungent lime flavor. I serve it with freshly fried plantain chips. The perfect summer starter. More

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