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Reflecting on Singapore's World Streetfood Congress

Victoria Cheng 3 comments

One of the great—if not the greatest—appeals of Singapore is the local cuisine and the food culture. Last month, KF Seetoh, Singapore's food ambassador and founder of Makansutra, launched the first World Streetfood Congress, designed to champion local heritage cuisines around the world. Here's how it played out. More

Snapshots from Singapore: A Late Night Food Crawl with Makansutra's K. F. Seetoh

Max Falkowitz 6 comments

We meet K. F. Seetoh down one of Geylang's alleys. Tiger beer bottles roll across the ground as we hear the clang-slam-roar of woks and metal tongs and open flames. The middle of the alley cradles a czecha called J. B. Ah Meng, an outdoor eating house ripe with the odors of smoky stir fries and sweet ocean crab. Above it all the air carries the candied funk of durian from a fruit market down the street. Why has one of the experts on Singapore's food culture brought us here? More

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