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Peach Julep

Serious Eats Maggie Hoffman Post a comment

This cocktail from Eastern Standard in Boston uses toasty cognac and rooibos tea to warm up the flavor of peaches. More

Hawksworth's Mint Julep

Serious Eats Melody Fury Post a comment

Hawksworth in Vancouver stirs up this Southern favourite with mint infused bourbon in place of muddled mint. More

Mint Julep Protips: Refining The Classic Derby Day Drink

Drinks Maggie Hoffman 8 comments

We've already spoken about how to make a classic mint julep. But let's say you want to jazz it up a bit, skip the mint bits in your teeth and brighten the flavor. We asked Maxwell Britten of Maison Premiere and Leo Robitschek of the NoMad and Eleven Madison Park for help refining the classic Derby Day drink. More

How to Make a Perfect Mint Julep

Drinks Michael Dietsch 10 comments

Don't be a slouch. A proper julep is a beautiful thing, but you can't be lazy. A bottled premix isn't the way to go here. Today, I give you three and a half tips for a proper julep, but first, as a refresher course, let's review the basic procedure. More

Time for a Drink: Champagne Julep

Serious Eats Paul Clarke 2 comments

Let's start the weekend right--with a cocktail recipe from Paul Clarke (The Cocktail Chronicles). Need more than one? Hit up the archives. Cheers! The great heat wave of aught-nine seems to have broken in the Northwest, but that doesn't mean... More

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