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Sugar Rush: Liquiteria's Grasshopper

I've always been skeptical of Liquiteria in the East Village, seemingly favored by only the most health-obsessed individuals. But I finally stopped in the other day after years of curiosity. It was the Grasshopper in the hands of a girl, fresh out of her morning yoga session, that caught my eye—a concoction of pear, apple, and pineapple juice, fresh-squeezed in front of my eyes, with not an ounce of added sweeter. And if that alone doesn't spell health to you, they also blend in a shot of wheatgrass and fresh mint leaves. More

Sunday Brunch: Fresh Tomato Juice

Although I love to cook and bake and in general spend much more time preparing meals than is probably practical in today's world, there are a few things that I think of always and only as store-bought. I don't churn my own butter, grind my own flour, roast my own coffee beans, or squeeze my own juice. So when I discovered fresh tomato juice in Marion Cunningham's The Breakfast Book, it seemed rather novel and exciting. More

Meet Your Farmers: Joe Nicholson Jr. of Red Jacket Orchards, New York

Note: Meet Your Farmers is a weekly series where we profile the farmers that mean so much to serious eaters everywhere. This week we catch up with Joe Nicholson of Red Jacket Orchards, one of our favorite juice suppliers. [Photographs: Red Jacket Orchards] Previously Lisa and Ali Moussalli of Frog Bottom Farm, Virginia » Ron Binaghi of Stokes Farm, New Jersey » John Lee of Allandale Farm, Massachusetts » Name: Joe Nicholson Jr. Farm: Red Jacket Orchards How many acres? 600 acres Your crew: A seasonal crew of up to 75 people. That number is obviously highest during the harvest, starting in June. They are great people, hard-working, and really a community within the community of Geneva. There are a... More

Blogwatch: Grapefruit Soda

Making an adult soda is an easy way to add some zing to any fruit juice you may have on hand. My definition of adult soda is a drink consisting of sparkling water mixed with a fruit juice. A good general rule is to use a 1:1 ratio of juice to water, but this varies depending on how sweet the juice is. I certainly didn't invent this concoction, but I started making it because drinking sparkling water by itself hurts my mouth. The bubbles, people! They're lethal. Emily of Just Eat Food makes a refreshing grapefruit soda with some fresh orange and grapefruit. A good way to get your citrus on. Just between you and me, I also think... More

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