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Gadgets: Double-Reamer Citrus Juicer from Cuisipro

Back in my home state of Florida, there's no season for oranges—it's always citrus season in the Sunshine State—but in the Northeast where I live now, winter's bounty of citrus is one thing that brings me closer to home when it feels furthest away. And realizing that electric citrus presses are only necessary for filling up pitchers I'd never finish alone, I decided on a sharply designed alternative. Though it requires a little more arm strength, the Cuisipro Double-Reamer Citrus Juicer ($18 at amazon.com) allows for almost as much personal preference as the supermarket aisle. More

Gadgets: Jack LaLanne's Power Juicer Express

I picked up my Jack La Lanne Power Juicer Express ($99 at powerjuicer.com) a few months ago, and while I only broke into it after summer berries started disappearing, I've found myself eyeing fruits and vegetables a little differently in the store since christening it. That's the point, nutritionally speaking, and it works. But how does the juicer stack up, exactly? More

In Gear: Artimetal Juicer

So, here we are in the thick of the winter doldrums: insipid, over-priced, globe-trotting produce lining every grocer’s shelves, and colds spreading like the giggles in a high-school sex ed class. Fortunately for us, there’s citrus, which is, for the most part, at its peak this time of year, and at the ready to inject a little zest into our meals and a little vitamin C into our phlegmatic corpora. While I enjoy a half grapefruit with breakfast here and there and perhaps a few Meyer lemon chunks added to an occasional pasta dish, I tend to consume my citrus in juice form. To that end, my Artimetal juicer is indispensable. Working with a simple lever mechanism, I find it... More

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