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Comparing Juice Cleanses: Organic Avenue

Shortly after we finished our BluePrint juice cleanse adventure, a friend mentioned that she really preferred the flavor of the juices from Organic Avenue. We were immediately curious—we enjoyed the BluePrint juices, but wondered if a cleanse could be a tastier experience. Our conclusion? The Organic Avenue juices are a bit more creative than what BluePrint offers—which sometimes worked well, and sometimes, well, bombed. More

Serious Eats Goes on a Juice Cleanse: Day 1

You can opt for pickup or delivery in NYC the day before your cleanse begins, or overnight shipping via FedEx. The cold juice (enough for 3 days of cleansing) arrived to our office in a cardboard box with lots of little ice packs. So we were all stocked and ready for Juice-and-Only-Juice Day One! Here are our impressions of the first day of the experience. More

Serious Eats Goes on a Juice Cleanse

We've been hearing a lot about juice cleanses these days, online and from friends who have tried them, and friends who are considering them. We've been wary but also curious. Just juice—for three days—could we do it? How would it feel? What do these juices taste like, anyway? Are they super vegetal? Bright and refreshing? Is it enough food, or do you feel spacey and hungry if you just drink juice (and cashew milk) all day? More

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