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Scenes from Meatopia 2012: The City of Meat

If there's one lesson I learned at Meatopia this Saturday, it's that meat lovers do not mess around. And I'm not just talking about the mind-blowing array of succulent meat dishes prepared by the dozens of chefs who formed the infrastructure of Josh Ozersky's "City of Meat." I'm talking about the perseverance of the hundreds of ordinary people who stared down a post-apocalyptic storm with their collective determination to eat as much of that meat as their stomachs could handle (and then some). Take a look at scenes from the extraordinary meat-filled day. More

Cheeseburger vs. 'Ground Meat on a Bun'

Does one of the burgers above fulfill the definition of "burger" more than the other? Texas Monthly executive editor and food writer Patricia Sharpe would say yes. In her a recap of Josh Ozersky's burger presentation at Whole Foods in Austin during the Texas Wine and Food Festival, she summarizes his tips for making his ideal burger: a small, thin, well salted, griddled patty cooked with chopped onions and onion-infused water, topped with a Kraft Single if so desired, and served on a plain white squishy bun (not toasted or buttered). The burger is based on Joe Soto's onion burger at White Diamond in Linden, New Jersey. Ozersky shares the recipe at rachaelray.com and shows how to make it at Ozersky.TV. More

Yea or Nay: Coffee and Hamburgers

Last week on Ozersky.TV Josh Ozersky asked, "Why do old people drink coffee with burgers?" Although he says, "Everything about it is wrong," he adds, "It's a generational demarcation that even precedes the big baby boom ones that everyone talks about. That's why I like it—that's why it's secret, and precious, and conspiratorial. That's why I'm gonna start drinking coffee with my hamburgers immediately." He points out that the first White Castle only served burgers, pie, and coffee (you can buy White Castle coffee in their online store). Do you drink coffee with your burgers? Or is the combination completely wrong? More

Video: Josh Ozersky, In Defense of Di Fara

"With all due respect to Jeffrey Steingarten, Di Fara's Pizza is the best pizza in New York City (and probably the world). Anyone who says otherwise, even the most erudite of men, should have their head examined." —Josh Ozersky, in today's episode of Ozersky.TV See also Jeffrey Steingarten's Pizza Musings on Grub Street » Jeffrey Steingarten's Epic 3 a.m. Di Fara Denunciation »... More

Salt: 'It's Basically Cocaine for the Palate'

From Josh Ozersky's latest column in Time magazine: "The food marketplace is under constant pressure to make everything tastier, more explosive, more exciting, and salt is everyone's go-to flavor enhancer because it opens up the taste buds. It's basically cocaine for the palate--a white powder that makes everything your mouth encounters seem vivid and fun. That's why restaurant cooks in particular use it in quantities that would make most customers' jaws drop. They grab fistfuls of it to cover steaks and roasts. They put a big pinch in a salad. It's everywhere." More

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