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Ferran Adrià to Put El Bulli 'Research Laboratory' Recipes Online

Ferran Adrià told an audience at Harvard University on Tuesday that he plans to post a daily recipe from the research laboratory that's due to replace his El Bulli restaurant in northeast Spain. According to the Guardian, he said he would be developing a "social networking site of culinary creativity" using the kitchens of El Bulli, which are set to close in the middle of next year. More

What Can a Vegetarian Eat at The Bazaar, Jose Andres' Temple of Molecular Gastronomy?

Jose Andres is the legendary Spanish chef behind Cafe Atlantico's Minibar—an exclusive six-seat restaurant within a restaurant serving innovative tasting menus of 26 to 30 dishes each night—and several other restaurants in the Washington, D.C. area, as well as The Bazaar at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. He's known both for impeccable traditional cuisine as well as wildly inventive dishes that incorporate so-called molecular gastronomy. So there was no doubt in my mind that his food is amazing—but how would he feed a pair of vegetarians? More

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