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More New White Whiskey: Jacob's Ghost from Jim Beam

The white whiskey wars continue! If you were excited by the pending release of the Jack Daniel's unaged Tennessee rye but put off by the steep asking price, then look no further. The latest release from Jim Beam, Jacob's Ghost White Whiskey, is positioning to steal JD's thunder and undercut their price point. And no, it's not just a spooky spirit—this whiskey has real potential to become a mainstay in bars and liquor cabinets across the country. More

Drinking the Bottom Shelf: Jim Beam Rye

I'm not privy to Serious Eats' demographic research, but simply poking around the user profiles and comment histories offers compelling evidence that a fair few of you are employed in the adult entertainment industry. That's to be expected, and I don't judge your career choices. Plenty of us around here freely admit to working in the legal, financial, and schnapps-reviewing industries, so who are we to throw stones at our professionally naked friends? More

Bottom Shelf Booze for Black Friday

There is one avenue of new beginnings in which I've learned it's best to keep the self-aggrandizing tales to a medium height. When it comes to romantic interactions, I try to stick somewhat near to the boring old truth, which thank heck wasn't a handicap when it came to wooing Bottom Shelf Research Coordinator Emily. All she needed to hear was that I don't play video games. More

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