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'The Polymer Clay Cookbook,' a Cookbook Devoted to Inedible Food Jewelry

Erin Zimmer 5 comments

Buttered toast necklace. Photographs from inediblejewelry on Flickr There's a very slim market for cookbooks involving ingredients that are not only tasteless but unavailable at grocery stores, and tinier than a dime. The shelf life of this food, however, is indefinite, and it looks cool with pretty much any outfit (as opposed to ketchup stains or coffee dribbles). Jessica and Susan Partain have been making miniature, inedible food for nearly 20 years. It all started when they were kids and discovered polymer clay at the craft store. With so many colors to play with, they crafted teeny chocolate-chip cookies, burgers, apples, and more. (They admit to raising some pretty well-fed dolls.) Flash forward to now—the two have made a... More

Serious Eats Gift Guide: Food You Can Wear

Michele Humes 8 comments

Do you know someone who loves food so much he or she just wants to emblazon it all over his or her body? Here are nine non-messy ways to do just that. From food-themed t-shirts to jewelry, there's a wearable food for every budget. More

Japanese Burger Jewelry

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 2 comments

Get the best in fashionable burger jewelry from Japanese design shop Q-Pot. Their burger jewelry line allows you to customize your own burger necklace with choices of cheese, tomato, onion, and lettuce for the toppings. A full necklace set... More

Cheeseburger Couture

A Hamburger Today Sarah Wolf Post a comment

This, er, unique necklace may not win points for fashion, but it does somehow manage to look kind of tasty. The floppy cheeseburgers, which are apparently "fused to maintain shape," don't look very edible, so the credit goes by... More

Jewelry: Still Not Edible, But Close

Erin Zimmer 2 comments

Marisa Reisel must have pretty nimble fingers. Her sashimi platter earrings would fit on Thumbelina's dinner table. Or inside Barbie's fridge. Her food-centric jewelry pendants, part of her Whole Slice Jewelry business, are no bigger than a cashew or quarter, but that doesn't quench the creative factor. California-like sushi rolls, meant for a chain necklace, are served on a "wooden" slab with pickled ginger and a wasabi scoop. The recent Princeton grad now works and paints in San Francisco, crafting these fun miniatures on the side. She just unveiled the project's website, sure to make anyone smile. An eclectic jewelry menu ranges from taqueria (taco and hot sauce earrings) to grocery produce section (store-bought veggie platter with carrot section missing)... More

Cinnamon Roll Necklace

Lia Bulaong Post a comment

If just thinking about a cinnamon roll makes your mouth water, perhaps you should consider buying yourself this lovely cinnamon roll necklace from Pancake Meow, purveyor of scented miniature dessert jewelry. (Her cupcake and donut necklaces are equally adorable but currently out of stock, as is the waffle necklace I've got on right now.)... More

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