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Leftover Jelly Bean Pop-Tarts

Preparing a homemade version of the popular store-bought pastries is extremely easy, and placing rows of jelly beans in the middle is a vibrant way to make use of any straggler candy. The jelly beans become soft and slightly gooey while still the tarts are still warm; they form into flattened but soft little sugar lumps when cooled. More

Easter Basket 2012: Why Do So Many Jelly Beans Suck?

As a kid, Easter baskets meant two things to me: Peeps and jelly beans. As a childhood chocolate-hater (who didn't really get over that aversion until college), those were pretty much the only candies I'd want; no Cadbury eggs or chocolate bunnies for me. But here's the thing about jelly beans: so many of them suck. Really suck. More

The Serious Eats Field Guide To Jelly Belly Identification

It's not too often you need a formal Field Guide to tell foods apart. (A carrot and an orange may be roughly the same color, but we're betting you've never confused the two.) But Jelly Belly beans? There are only so many different shades those little guys can muster. Is there anything weirder than expecting cherry, and getting cinnamon? Looking for a tangerine and biting into cantaloupe? We wanted to spare you that pain. So we set out to taste and identify all 50 flavors. More

Photo of the Day: Jellybean Children

[Flickr: Khaz] "Life-size jellybean children and butterflies," said my friend while we walked past The National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia. My first thought: Huh? And then I looked up to see that he was just reading off the banner outside the museum. We didn't go in the museum to witness the jellybean children for ourselves, but I found this photo from Flickr user khaz to get a closer look at the installation by artist Sandy Skoglund. There are mirrors on both sides to create the illusion of neverending jellybean children whose heads are twisted 180°. They just go on. Forever. (Skoglund also made jellybean adults in her photograph Shimmering Madness viewable at sandyskoglund.com.) Related Amazing Chewing Gum Art Creative... More

Deep-Fried Jelly Bean Time at the Texas State Fair

Only five more days of the Texas State Fair (it ends October 19), which means only five more days of Jelly Bellys rolled in funnel cake batter, then deep-fried. The menu also includes: fried grilled cheese, fried s'mores, fried Pop Rocks, a fried dinner roll, and fried cantaloupe pie.... More

Don't Get Bean Boozled

Better be careful the next time you dip your hand in a bowl full of jelly beans, 'cause what you thought was coconut-flavored could end up being tasting like... baby wipes. Just look for Jelly Belly's Bean Boozled, which contains two versions of ten colors. You have classic flavors like buttered popcorn, licorice, peach—and then you have their evil twins. Some are just nasty surprises, like black pepper in lieu of plum, toothpaste instead of berry blue—but others are just weird: what do pencil shavings even taste like? Then there's the downright cruel, with vomit replacing peach, ear wax for cafĂ© latte, and boogers for juicy pear. If anything, it might make you swear off certain flavors forever by way... More

Jelly Bean Round Up

Easter's come and gone, and now it's time to take advantage of those Easter candy sales. Candy Addict has an extensive round-up of jelly beans, flavor by flavor. You won't find any Jelly Belly ones, but looks like the offerings from Starburst, Jolly Rancher, Lifesaver, and Nerds are just as satisfying.... More

Where Did Jelly Beans Come From?

Before they took the form of tiny, oval-shaped blobs, jelly beans started off as cylindrical candy-coated bits of Turkish Delights. Learn more about "the secret life of jelly beans" from the Los Angeles Times.... More

Pomegranate Jelly Beans

Jelly Belly announces new Pomegranate jelly beans, now shipping nationwide in the US in time for Easter. Quick recipe, for you Jelly Belly fans: 2 Pomegranate + 1 7UP = Pomegranate Punch. [via GirlHacker's Random Log]... More

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