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In Videos: Every Jelly Baby Scene in 'Doctor Who'

"I left my jelly babies in the TARDIS.... They're a delicacy I discovered on Earth." Yesterday, we briefly mentioned how the Beatles did not like having candy jelly babies thrown at them while on stage. While poking around YouTube looking at jelly baby experiment videos, I found an awesome compilation of every jelly baby scene in Doctor Who. Along with his out-of-control curly hair and extraloooong scarf, one of the signature quirks of the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) was his love for jelly babies. He offered them to everyone and anyone, including his archenemy and Dalek-creator, Davros. And there's a memorable bit at 4:16 in which the Doctor tries a bluff, telling some primitive-looking warriors, "Now drop your weapons, or... More

The Beatles Did Not Have a Sweet Tooth for Jelly Babies

Wikimedia Commons A bit of candy-related trivia for you: In a recently unearthed letter to a fan, late Beatle George Harrison discusses how the band disliked it when the crowd threw jelly babies at them while on stage. Apparently, Harrison had mentioned in an interview that he like the candy. But in a letter to Lynn Smith, 15 at the time, he says: We don't like Jelly Babies, or Fruit Gums for that matter, so think how we feel standing on stage trying to dodge the stuff, before you throw some more at us.Couldn't you eat them yourself, besides it is dangerous. I was hit in the eye once with a boiled sweet, and it's not funny! Not familiar... More

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