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We Try Jamba Juice's New 'Whole Food Nutrition' Smoothies

Drinks Adam Lindsley 4 comments

The chain has rolled out three new smoothies that start with whole fruits and vegetables, like kale paired with mangoes and carrots with chia seeds and oranges. Could Jamba Juice pull off this fibrous endeavor and come up with something enjoyable to drink? We tasted our way through the lineup. More

We Try Jamba Juice's New Light and Soy Pumpkin Smoothies

Drinks Hally Wolhandler 1 comment

There's nothing like autumn to make food and drink chains whip out the specialty flavors, and no flavor is more present than pumpkin. While pumpkin coffee drinks kind of gross me out, sipping something warm and spicy as the weather gets colder does have a certain seasonal appeal. But slurping a refreshing pumpkin smoothie? Jamba Juice thinks you should, for they are rolling out their Pumpkin Smash smoothie for fall—including a new light version and a soy variation. More

Our Take on Jamba Juice's New 'Make It Light' Smoothies

Drinks Gracie Dulik 1 comment

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area smack dab in the middle of the so-called health food movement, smoothies were everywhere. That is, before fro-yo swept through and became the trendy snack du jour. Poor little smoothies. But smoothie chain Jamba Juice lives on, ever popular in malls across the country. We recently tried their new low-calorie lineup. More

Jamba Juice's Breakfast Menu: Oatmeal, Wraps, Yogurt Parfaits

Erin Zimmer 8 comments

There was an era when Jamba Juice didn't really deal with solid foods, besides a few baked goods behind the glass. But they've grown the menu to include more non-blender fare like oatmeal and chorizo wraps, and we have to say, they're not bad. Especially the steel-cut oatmeal—it's shockingly good. More

New Jamba Juice Fruit & Veggie Smoothies

Drinks Maggie Hoffman 6 comments

Jamba Juice launched a new smoothie line this week that features vegetables. Is it a dirty veggie-disguising trick or a delicious new way to drink your salads? We grabbed two of them to find out. More

Autumn Specials: 7 Fast-Food Pumpkin-Flavored Treats

Fast Food John M. Edwards 26 comments

Halloween is right around the corner. Drugstores have stocked shelves with candy; another sequel to Saw is coming out; someone carved Ed Levine's face onto a pumpkin. And knowing that holidays bring business, a number of large chains are currently serving up pumpkin treats as limited-time offers. Are any of them tasty? Take a look. More

Comment of the Day: Surprising Savory Smoothies

Alison J Herzog 3 comments

"The funny thing is, when I broke my jaw and was wired shut, I did resort to this kind of thing - you've no idea what those cravings are like! Burger wasn't good as I recall, sadly neither was my favourite local takeout - tofu country style. It's amazing how good some things were though..."sarahdlr, on "Video: Jamba Juice's Cheeseburger Chill Smoothie" More

Video: Jamba Juice's Cheeseburger Chill Smoothie

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 12 comments

Nothing refreshes you after an intense workout quite like the new Cheeseburger Chill smoothie from Jamba Juice. A whole cheeseburger is blended with ice and water and topped with ketchup and mustard for a frosty delight. More

The Best Oatmeal in New York

New York Carey Jones 18 comments

Oatmeal from Prime Meats. Not quite the best in New York, but tasty just the same. [Photograph: Robyn Lee] There are two kinds of people: Those who understand why one would order oatmeal from a restaurant, and those who... More

Jamba Juice's Pumpkin Smash

Erin Zimmer 2 comments

[Photographs: Robyn Lee] What exactly is a Pumpkin Smash? Something between a smoothie and a shake, this Jamba Juice creation rolls out every fall (until January) and reminds us that everything can be pumpkinified. Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts do the lattes, Dairy Queen does Blizzards, and I'm pretty sure I saw pumpkin shampoo at Bath & Body Works. Oversaturating the world with pumpkin products is generally fine with me. Too often these seasonal pumpkin products are not pumpkiny enough. But too often these seasonal pumpkin products are not pumpkiny enough, tasting more like the holiday-scented candles than actual pumpkins. Pumpkin-flavored posers suffer from being too sweet, not spiced enough, or just plain gross. Jamba Juice's Smash had potential.... More

DIY Jamba Juice Pumpkin Smash

Serious Eats Erin Zimmer Post a comment

Jamba Juice's New California Flatbreads: We Ate Them So You Don't Have To

Slice Carey Jones 21 comments

"It's the coal in your pizza stocking." In making my way through one of Jamba Juice's new California Flatbreads, I could only find one reason to be thankful— that they didn't call them "pizzas." To have done so would've constituted a disgrace to the name of pizza. As it is, they're only a disgrace to flatbreads, and California. Which, I presume, readers of this blog don't care about quite as much. Currently in limited release in New York City, the $4 flatbreads are marketed as a healthy alternative to fast food lunches, an on-the-go personal pizza for the conscientious eater.... More

Deal of the Day: Buy One Jamba Juice Smoothie, Get One Free

New York Carey Jones Post a comment

Buy one smoothie at Jamba Juice and you get one more for free. Through 7/12. Print your coupon here. Multiple locations..... More

Fast-Food Oatmeal: The Good, the Bland, and the Goopy

New York Carey Jones 24 comments

It’s warm, healthy, filling, and pairs well with anything—in so many ways, oatmeal is an ideal breakfast food. But portable, it is not. While instant oatmeal packets can be a fair substitute, those on-the-go (or without a microwave in... More

Secret Off-the-Menu Items

Lia Bulaong Post a comment

Buzzfeed's put together a page on Secret Off-the-Menu Items at different restaurants, and it's fun to look through whether or not these are places you eat at. I'd argue that In-N-Out's secret menu is somewhat of an oxymoron now since it's on their corporate site but I had no idea Jamba Juice had secret flavors! The White Gummi sounds gooood.... More

Edibles: Jamba Rant

Adam Kuban 2 comments

What is a lower-calorie dairy base?!? MORE EDIBLES Sour Sunny Bears [Friday, January 26, 2007] Scarfin' the Scharffen Berger [Thursday, January 25, 2007] Getting Cheesy [Wednesday, January 24, 2007] Stockholm Slices [Tuesday, January 23, 2007] All Edibles... More

Edibles: Jamba Rant

Adam Kuban Post a comment

"What is a lower-calorie dairy base?!?" In this installment of Edibles, our own Ed Levine tries Mango Mantra, one of the Jamba Light menu option from rapidly expanding juice chain Jamba Juice. MORE EDIBLES Sour Sunny Bears [Friday, January 26, 2007] Scarfin' the Scharffen Berger [Thursday, January 25, 2007] Getting Cheesy [Wednesday, January 24, 2007] Stockholm Slices [Tuesday, January 23, 2007] All Edibles... More

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