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Reality Check: Hot Mess Burger at Jack in the Box

If you were watching the Superbowl (or just the ads), you might have seen a spot for the newest burger at Jack in the Box: the "Hot Mess", with melted white cheddar, pepper jack cheese sauce, jalapeƱos, and onion rings on sourdough bread. Even though the burger doesn't visually measure up to the publicity shot, it's still one of the most promising burgers Jack has released in quite some time, even with some execution issues. More

Jack in the Box: Breakfast Pita

Breakfast is becoming the new dinner, with many chains turning to breakfast as a means of customer acquisition: Burger King and Subway both recently began promoting breakfast, to name only a few. Breakfast isn't new to Jack in the Box, but the breakfast pita is. The sandwich consists of scrambled egg, bacon, ham, and American cheese all in half of a whole-wheat pita pocket. It builds off of their Chicken Fajita Pita, the first (and only) pita I've ever seen in a major fast food chain. More

World's Strangest Fast-Food Items

Photograph from Tavallai on Flickr The magicians at fast-food chains come up with all sorts of edible creations--each one a little less likely than the last. The San Francisco Weekly lists ten of the world's weirdest, including the White Castle "chicken ring," a Tuna Pie (erk) at Jollibee in the Philippines, and Pita Snacks from Jack in the Box. But are these really the strangest ones out there? I think Domino's Bread Bowl Pasta definitely qualifies. The Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme, too. And there's always McD's--looking beyond our own borders, McDonald's in Hong Kong has served seaweed-flavored French fries; New Zealand, a Quarter Pounder topped with egg and beetroot; and in the Philippines, sweet tomato pasta with hot dogs... More

Pomegranate Sells Out to Jack in the Box

theimpulsivebuy.com Pomegranate has been riding a pretty good high the last few years, appearing in juices, marinades, gum, lotions, and teas. Even if it's really not that much more exciting than a cranberry-grape-ish flavor, once you slap the pomegranate arils (fancy name for seeds) onto a product label, bam--automatically a few bucks more expensive. So what happens when the glam fruit appears on a Jack in the Box menu? Loses some respect? Or is the wide availability great? Starting this week, the Pomegranate Berry Smoothie will go for $2.99 (the small 16-ounce size), with 280 calories, zero fat, 69 grams of carbs, and 53 grams of sugar. Like many drinks that highlight one fruit, it's actually an amalgam of... More

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