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Italian Sub at D'Amato's

Chicago Nick Kindelsperger 7 comments

If you consider yourself an Italian sub aficionado—and why wouldn't you want to be?— you probably know the name D'Aamto's well. But recently the bakery decided to stop just being the purveyor of great bread for Italian subs, and started making the subs itself. More

Lunch in the Loop: Rosebud Express

Chicago Dennis Lee 2 comments

Most of the people visiting Rosebud Express for lunch seemed like they were coming for the convenience of a fast lunch. If that's what you need, it's a pretty serviceable place to eat with no surprises. The problem is, I like surprises. More

A Sandwich a Day: Berto's Sub at Berto's Deli & Pasta Shoppe, Downers Grove

Chicago Molly Durham Post a comment

When craving an Italian sub, there are three main things I'm looking for: a flaky, tough bread, a big stack of quality meats, and giardiniera that just barely sets my mouth on fire. The Berto's Sub ($4.50 for 6") gave me all of those. At least almost. More

The Chicago Food Glossary: A Guide to the Unique Dishes of the Windy City

Chicago Nick Kindelsperger 27 comments

Like all great cities should, Chicago has a collection of dishes that were invented within its borders and that you can't get anywhere else. I decided to create this list to help keep track of them all. More

A Sandwich a Day: The Italian Stallion from Uncle Henry's Deli in Downey, CA

A Sandwich a Day Farley Elliott 2 comments

Uncle Henry's Deli in Downey offers an old school stacked Italian sub, with fifty taps of craft beer to boot. More

A Sandwich a Day: Italian Sub at Conte di Savoia

Chicago Josh Conley 3 comments

Since browsing the aisles for sea-salted capers and fresh mozzarella is known to stimulate the appetite, luckily they are fully prepared with a deli counter that turns out great, no-frills sandwiches More

A Sandwich a Day: Alpine Sub with Roasted Red Peppers and Portabella Mushrooms at Alpine Food Shop

Chicago Nick Kindelsperger 5 comments

I'd never consider adding ingredients to an Italian sub for fear of throwing off the balance or unwittingly offending the owners. But leave it to a local to show me that sometimes modifications aren't such a bad thing. More

A Sandwich a Day: Italian Sub at J.P. Graziano's

Chicago Chelsea Ross 2 comments

When it comes to finding the perfect Italian grinder or sub, I take the hunt very seriously. Fresh ingredients are key&madsh;from the type of bread down to the choice of dressing. The moment I walked in J.P. Graziano's in the West Loop, I knew I was in the right place to get my fix. More

Lunch in the Loop: Fontano's Subs

Chicago Dennis Lee Post a comment

I was jealous when one of my fellow Serious Eats co-conspirators in crime, visited Fontano's Subs a while back for A Sandwich a Day, because it's one of my favorite places to grab a sub sandwich in the Loop. It's a bit of a walk from my office building, but on nice days, it's a perfect excuse to get out for lunch. More

Sausage City: Bari's Italian Sausage

Chicago Blake Royer 1 comment

Italian sausage is easy enough to find in the case of almost any grocery store. But if you're after a version that's made more masterfully—not overly fine, seasoned with refinement—stop by Bari and buy it fresh or have a sandwich. More

A Sandwich A Day: Wise Guy from Fontano's

Chicago Anna Deem Post a comment

Fontano's Subs has been my go-to downtown sandwich shop for several years now. Featuring fresh produce and Boar's Head deli cuts, it prove that a great sub can be found in the Loop. More

A Sandwich a Day: The Mr. G. at J.P. Graziano Grocery

Chicago Daniel Zemans Post a comment

For most of J.P. Graziano's 70-plus year history, the focus has been as a wholesaler importing top-quality Italian foods. More recently, the fourth-generation owner has focused on establishing the shop's place among the best places to get a sub in Chicago. More

A Sandwich a Day: Bari's Italian Sub

Chicago Roger Kamholz Post a comment

The trick with grabbing a sub for lunch from the heavenly Italian deli counter at Bari is to call in your order ahead of time. For a modest price you'll get quality meats, cheese, housemade giardiniera (mild or hot) and an arm's length of fresh pane. More

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