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Paula Deen Is Trying to Kill Us, Part 3

This time with fudge made from Velveeta, butter, and cocoa powder. Formed into balls. Placed on sticks. Dipped in white chocolate. Rolled in nuts. She doesn't want us to live to see the New Year. Recipe here. Previously: Part 1: Deep-Fried Butter; Part 2: Bacon-Wrapped Mac and Cheese... More

Paula Deen Is Trying to Kill Us 2: Bacon-Wrapped Fried Mac

Remember when Paula Deen tried to kill us with deep-fried butter? She's back, this time with a recipe for fried mac and cheese. And not just any garden variety mac-and-cheese recipe. Nope. This one calls for a pound of bacon and five eggs total. Wait—only 4 tablespoons butter? Is that a typo? [via Matt J.]... More

Paula Deen Is Trying To Kill Us

I know Paula Deen seems like a nice little old lady, with her big silver hair and friendly Southern drawl, but today I've finally come to believe that she's pure evil. How else to explain why she would unleash a recipe for deep fried butter balls on an unsuspecting public? No, I am not making that up, and yes, the recipe really is what it sounds like: Deep-fried. Balls. Of. Butter. You mix butter with cream cheese, shape it into balls, freeze them, and then drop them in the deep-fryer. People, she must be stopped. Related Paula Deen Is Trying to Kill Us, Part 2: Bacon-Wrapped Fried Mac Paula Deen Is Trying to Kill Us, Part 3: Velveeta Fudge... More

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