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What's the Worst Burn You've Endured While Eating?

Right before the tears flowed. (Sorry, Colin; I hope you don't mind I used this photo.) [Photograph: Robyn Lee] While eating dinner with my friends Colin and Tristan last weekend, Colin had stuck an entire soup dumpling in his mouth, straight from the steamer, not knowing that the dumpling was full of scalding hot liquid. Tristan and I watched his face, frozen in horror, turn flush as the dumpling's contents wreaked havoc upon his mouth. Oops. After a few moments of us staring at him helplessly, Colin managed to consume the dumpling and enjoy the rest of the meal. We all had a good laugh. Phew. I have one distinct memory of when I chowed down on something hot—in... More

Food and Drink On-the-Job Injuries

Illustrator Peter Hoey for Time Out New York Though typing on the keyboard at a desk job isn't great for your wrists, shaking up a cocktail—in some cases, a whole two minutes—can't be good for the carpal tunnel either. Food and drink professionals are at risk of many physical injuries, as Time Out New York recently noted. Baristas must watch out for "barista arm," or a tendinitis-like feeling after making hundreds of espressos and lattes in a 40-hour work week. Professional ice cream scoopers fear "scooper's wrist" after yanking out still-frozen flavors, especially if they contain pistachios or hazelnuts, which are harder to scoop. Servers balance wobbly trays, squat to take your order, and refill your ice water with... More

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