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'The Perfect Burger' Diagram

[Image: The Fader] In their series The Way Things Work, The Fader tackles the important subject of how to construct the perfect burger. Their diagram shows potential ingredients for six kinds of burgers: Backyard Gourmand, Death Becomes You, American... More

New Hot Dog of the Week Prints for Sale

Every Friday we look forward to Hawk Krall's take on a different hot dog variation in his Hot Dog of the Week column—from traditional small town hot dog joints to bizarre South American concoctions. He now has four brand-new prints from recent posts for sale for $29 each. The prints look as good, or even better, than the original paintings. Get a close-up of them here (and then realize that you want to cover your wall with them). More

'Don't Forget the Donuts'

[Flickr: noosedkitty] Yup, that's what the narwhal's tusk is for. Don't let anyone tell you differently! You can buy a print of this illustration by Jamie Fales at her Etsy shop for $18.... More

Girlfriend-On-Vacation Food Pyramid

[Flickr: lunchbreath] Girlfriends, this is what your boyfriends eat when you're not around. The Girlfriend-On-Vacation Food Pyramid illustrated by Lunchbreath gives us a peek into the nutritionally decrepit wasteland of boyfriends (or "lonely people who don't know how to turn on a stove") left on their own. I do approve of the impulse pancakes though. Related Spatula Taxonomy Nutritional Wants and Needs Fail to Overlap Cooking With Kids: Food Pyramid for Preschoolers... More

Hot Dog of the Week Art Prints for Sale

Photographs by Hawk Krall Every week, I look forward to seeing what Philadelphia-based illustrator Hawk Krall comes up with for the Hot Dog of the Week. There have been a number of HDotW's that I've wished I could get high-quality prints of. Well it just so happens that some of my (and, I hope, your) favorite Hot Dog of the Week artwork is now available as high-quality 11-by-14-inch art prints. These are professional giclée fine art prints, printed by the fine folks at Silicon Gallery Fine Arts in Philadelphia. I can't imagine who wouldn't want one of these (all of which are suitable for framing) in their kitchen. Choose from four designs and stay tuned for more to be... More

Nutritional Wants and Needs Fail to Overlap

From recovering lazyholic on Flickr In her illustration "Nutrition", Erin Hanson depicts the food pyramid many of us would want if it was less likely to result in premature death: coffee, butter, pizza, and booze. If only. Check out her other food-related "Photoshop thoughts" on income, luck, embarassment, dilemma, and fornication.... More

Cute Paintings of Animals Eating Food

It's time you decorate your home with more paintings of cute animals eating food in ways you wouldn't find in nature. I don't mind pretending that a walrus's tusks are indeed meant to hold bagels or that whales wear bowties while eating muffins. Paintings for $25-$30, from VerySmallAnna on Etsy... More

Mad Manatee Beer from Bold City Brewery

I don't like beer, but I'd want a bottle of Mad Manatee beer from the Jacksonville, Florida-based Bold City Brewery just for the awesome label. Visit Lovely Package to see other great designs made for Bold City Brewery by The Robin Shepherd Group. I can already tell you though that none of them top an angry manatee wielding a propeller, boat collision scars, and an anchor tattoo. (In case you don't know, boats and manatees do not mix. Visit savethemanatee.org for more information.) Related FIT Grads Design Funky Food Labels Beautiful Mustard Jars with Die-Cut Labels Beatle Juice: Playful Package-Design Project... More

'My Life Is a Series of Liquids' from Matt Bites

Illustration by Matt Armendariz Photographer and food blogger Matt Armendariz recently illustrated the most prominent liquids in his life over at his blog, Matt Bites. No. 1 is red wine (86 percent, roughly), and at the bottom is water (0.6 percent; "Risk of personal dehydration: moderate to extreme") with coffee, nuoc cham, and soda chanh muoi in between. It's not just what liquids he ingests that's interesting, though, but the charming illustrations and commentary that go with them. Naturally, his post made me think about what my life in liquids would be. I'd pretty much just switch Matt's percentages for water and wine; I drink little else aside from water (don't have a taste for coffee or alcohol), along with... More

Food-Related Idioms from 'I'm Not Hanging Noodles on Your Ears'

To fish the cake: to patch things up (Spanish) I'm Not Hanging Noodles on Your Ears and Other Intriguing Idioms From Around the World by Jag Ballah is a collection of idioms with their meanings accompanied by illustrations by New Yorker cartoonist Julia Suits. We have a few food-related idioms to share from this book, which comes out on June 16. More illustrations after the jump.... More

Little Cupcake Learns About the Birds and the Bees

Turns out that baked goods also need "the talk." Illustrator of all things cute and cupcake-related Jessie Oleson portrays a little cupcake's first brush with a recipe book. Scandalous! You can buy a print of the comic at Jessie's Etsy shop and see more of her illustrations and bakery adventures at Cakespy. Related Photo of the Day: Luxem-Bourgers Meet a Real Burger Photo of the Day: Cupcake vs. Muffin... More

Meatastic Children's Book Illustration

Illustration for a child's book, "Peter and the Moon" Story and Pictures (32 in color) by Jan Balet—not yet published. November 1946 Paul Lukas, of Uni Watch fame forwarded this awesome illustration to me. (Best children's book illustration ever? Quite possibly," he says.) He in turn got it from a friend. It appears to be from some sort of 1946 promo of a book yet to be published at the time. I can't find any mention on the web of Peter and the Moon in connection to Jan Balet, so who's to say if it ever appeared on shelves—or is so far out of print that it doesn't appear online. Balet appears to have hit his stride in the... More

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