'illustration' on Serious Eats

"Fast Food Mafia," by ~silentsketcher

"Fast Food Mafia" by deviantART user ~silentsketcher imagines various major chain mascots as members of organized crime. We're sure that, as far as many people are concerned, the depiction isn't that far from the truth. The artist also sends up Wendy, the Burger King, and Colonel Sanders.... More

Do Not Eat These Monsters

Do Not Eat! is a collection of eating-themed illustrations of monsters both cute and strange created by Andrew Bell, such as this sad sausage and angry Hamburger Helper. The carrot skeleton unfortunately didn't make it to the book on time, but it would've fit in too. See more of Bell's illustrations at Creatures In My Head. [via Notcot]... More

Photo of the Day: We Could Sizzle Together

Artist Dan Goodsell has recently put up a few cute Valentine's Day-themed illustrations in his Flickr. I especially like the one with Shaky Bacon. Because everything is better with bacon. Previously: Dan Goodsell's "We Like Pie" illustration.... More

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