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Dinner Tonight: Iceberg Wedge with Warm Bacon and Blue Cheese Dressing

Serious Eats Nick Kindelsperger 30 comments

Don't you sometimes get that urge for the crunch of iceberg lettuce? Not often, but it happens. During the summer months when tomatoes are worth eating, I get my fill from BLTs. In the winter I usually end up here, with a big wedge of ice cold iceberg lettuce, smothered with blue cheese dressing and bacon. This recipe from Bon Appétit is one of my favorite renditions. More

Cook the Book: Classic Wedge Salad

Serious Eats Caroline Russock 9 comments

At Good Stuff Eatery in D.C. Spike has a variety of wedge options but I think the Classic Wedge is the best place to start the iceberg comeback. Basically a quartered head of iceberg lettuce, the Classic Wedge is topped with a fantastic Blue Cheese Dressing, chopped red onions, crumbled bacon, and even more blue cheese. We all know that adding bacon is an easy way to amp up the deliciousness factor but in this case it's the homemade blue cheese dressing that really makes the salad. More

Healthy & Delicious: Stir-Fried Iceberg Lettuce and Sautéed Cabbage (Gomen)

Serious Eats Kristen Swensson Sturt 2 comments

Admittedly, iceberg can't touch cabbage nutritionally. The latter is packed with fiber, Vitamin C, and Vitamin K, while the former makes you feel slightly better about eating a burger. Still, both deserve more respect as potential stand-alone dishes. And this pair of recipes should help that process along. More

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