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Chocoholic: Famous Wafer Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

Sweets Yvonne Ruperti 2 comments

Celebrate summer by assembling your very own custom designed ice cream cake. And it's never been so easy. Grab a box of Nabisco Famous wafers, your favorite ice cream, and you're on your way to the ultimate cake-free cake. More

American Classics: Raspberry Ice Cream Cake

Sweets Alexandra Penfold Post a comment

Cake and ice cream ice cream are a classic birthday combo. But a cake made of ice cream?! That's both efficient and delicious. I can't remember how old I was the first time I tried ice cream cake, but I can tell you that it was from Carvel and it was a revelation. More

Homemade Raspberry Ice Cream Cake With Chocolate Crumb Crust

Serious Eats Alexandra Penfold 3 comments

This ice cream cake marries an easy raspberry ice cream with lots of home made cookie crunchies. It's ice cream cake as you've always wanted it to be. More

Cakespy: Banana Split Ice Cream Cake

Sweets cakespy Post a comment

Sure, you could eat a banana split in the usual way. Or, you could cake—er, shake—things up and serve it as a cake. And judging by the title of the recipe, I think you can probably tell which method I am going to suggest. More

Banana Split Ice Cream Cake

Serious Eats cakespy 1 comment

Banana Split Ice Cream Cake is a wonderful way to enjoy all of the classic flavors of a banana split, but in ice cream cake form. Assembling the Neapolitan flavors of ice cream with dividing levels of crumbled chocolate cake or cookies and a layer of banana slices makes for a pretty presentation. The dessert is assembled and then frozen, which allows the flavors to meld and lends a nice banana tone to the whole dessert once you're ready to eat it. More

Frozen Cookies n' Cream Pie

Serious Eats Lauren Weisenthal 3 comments

Seldom do I promote a recipe so chock-full of store-bought components, but when there are Oreos involved, I make an exception. This is just the ticket for lovers of the cookies n' cream combo, when an ordinary bowl of ice cream just won't do. More

Sugar Rush: Ice Cream Cakes at Quality Meats

New York Kathy YL Chan 6 comments

[Photo: Kathy YL Chan] The Ice Cream Cakes served from Quality Meats' ice cream counter will appeal to the greedy, grubby child inside each of us. Here, you don't get a slice of ice cream cake, you get the... More

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