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Six Great Coffee Apps for the iPhone

No true coffee geek is ever far from the tools of their trade, and in many cases this toolkit includes an iPhone—a brewing timer at the ready, that, sometimes, also makes phone calls. But for those who'd prefer a more in-depth pocket reference, or something to hold their hand while brewing coffee at home, there are a few apps on the market that may be just the thing. More

Video: Michael Ruhlman's Updated 'Ratio' iPhone App

We mentioned Michael Ruhlman's Ratio iPhone app back in December, but it looks like Ruhlman just released an updated version, available in the iTunes Store for $4.99 (he says they're working on a Droid version). The application includes 32 critical ratios and will calculate the amount of each ingredient you need based on what you already have or want to make. It also includes basic recipes and variations and allows you to save your own recipes and notes. More

Video: Sausage Stylus for iPhone

According to this poorly Google-translated article, South Korea's CJ Corporation has seen an uptick in sales for its snack sausage in the winter months because people have figured out they can use the meat stick as a stylus for their iPhone touchscreens. IPhone users in colder climes know all too well that you have to take off your mittens to use the dang thing. No more!... More

Pancake Flip Game for the iPhone

[Image: iTunes Store] For all you people who enjoy looking at cute graphics and flipping pancakes, this game is for you: Pancake Flip ($0.99) for the Apple iPhone (or iPod Touch). Help the pancake chef improve his skill by flicking the iPhone like you would with a pan. Just don't do it too hard; you don't want your iPhone to go flying. Watch the game in action, after the jump.... More

StillTasty.com Launches an Apple iPhone App

Another day, another iPhone app. This one is from the folks at StillTasty, the website that tells you how long stuff in your pantry, fridge, and freezer will last. The StillTasty iPhone app costs $1.99 and is available in the iTunes App Store now. Like the website, you simply browse the iPhone app by category of foodstuff, tap the screen to tell it where you're keeping the item, and then get an estimate of how long it should last and the best way to store it. In addition to the info you'd find on the website, the app allows you to set expiration alerts for your items and to create shopping lists if you find an item ain't tasty... More

Michael Ruhlman's 'Ratio' Becomes an Apple iPhone App

Michael Ruhlman's Ratio is coming to the iPhone in the form of an app due out as soon as the Apple App Store can test and approve it. What it comprises: "The 32 critical ratios that form the backbone of the culinary arts, with instructions: doughs, batters, meat preparations, custards, sauces," along with an ingredient calculator, an ounces-to-grams converter, and, this being an iPhone, "ways to share your cooking on Twitter and Facebook." Ruhlman's site doesn't indicate a price, but he's mentioned on Twitter that he thinks "$4.99 is appropriate." [via Eat Me Daily]... More

Kluckr, an iPhone App for Wings Lovers

If you've ever found yourself aimlessly roaming the streets in search of the best places to get chicken wings, download Kluckr for your iPhone. For $0.99 the app will tell you your city's wings locations and rate them based on Heat, Variety, Service, Atmosphere, and Value—just in time for tonight's World Series game.... More

Video: Pizza Hut iPhone App

Pizza Hut's iPhone app got some big-time love in a new Apple iPhone commercial that debuted last week. I haven't seen the commercial yet, and I can't use the app, either, since there are no Pizza Huts in my area that do delivery--and you pretty much can't get past the first screen of the app if you're not in a delivery area. But here's how it works. Enjoy.... More

Chipotle Relaunches iPhone App

A new Chipotle-ordering iPhone App allows you to customize orders and even pay for your meal without pointing to a single salsa tub in line, according to Business Insider. Technically it's not new, but there were some previous kinks that should be gone now. Download it here.... More

New iPhone Application Lets You Virtually Grill Bratwurst

Swiss meat company Bell recently released a free bratwurst-grilling application for the iPhone where you blow into the microphone to simulate fanning the embers and touch the screen to move the bratwurst around the grill. When you're done cooking, you can email your virtual bratwurst to a friend, who will probably respond with, "What the hell is this for?" Ah, glorious technology. [via swissmiss] Related Locavore 2.0: A More Social iPhone Application for Local Food Shopping FarmFreshNYC: A New iPhone App for Finding Local Food Pizza Calculator Application for the iPhone... More

Locavore 2.0: A More Social iPhone Application for Local Food Shopping

Buster Benson of one-man company Enjoymentland launched his iPhone app Locavore 1.0 earlier this year and has already come out with a second version. In his own words, Locavore 1.0 "told you what’s in season, what’s coming into season soon, and where nearby farmers' markets are located,” while 2.0 “does all of that and also lets you be social about it.” As the app loads, the screen reads, “now rolling up to the market,” which I found pretty cute. The screen then fills with a more or less accurate list of fruits and veggies in season, accompanied by confusing but pretty rainbow-colored pie chart symbols. Then there's the tab that “lets you be social about it,” where you can read... More

Leftovers: The Day's Stray Links

Pizza Hut: Chain launches iPhone ordering app. [USAT] LOL: "This is the box they use for pizza round our way. Not as bad as the man with the stick and the young girl, but do I really want to take a pizza from a toothless, homeless urchin? Still, I guess it is Naples, which probably means my wallet is being nicked as I take delivery of the pizza." [Le Franco Phoney] Boston: Where to find Neapolitan-style pizza. [GS Boston] Chicago: Where to find Neapolitan-style pizza. [GS Chicago] NYC > Neapolitan: Five more pizzas worth noting. [GS NYC] Seattle: When... More

Locavore 1.0: Find Local, in Season Food on Your iPhone

Just in time for spring, Locavore is a new iPhone application that uses built in GPS and location awareness to show you real-time information about the nearest farmers' markets, what's in season locally, and what's coming in season soon. What other food-related iPhone apps do you use regularly? [via Matt Haughey]... More

iCupcake iPhone App

Do you ever have a hankering for a nice, moist, vanilla cupcake with blue frosting and chocolate hearts on it? Or maybe a green tea flavored one with butter cream and sprinkles? Well, too bad you're stuck at work or tied down by one of those crazy cupcakeless diet fads. But wait, yet another iPhone app comes to the rescue. iCupcake is a new, 99¢ time-waster. It's pretty useless, sure, but you might be able to brighten someone's day by sending your sweet creation to them. If only it transported the real thing, though. [via Cupcakes Take the Cake]... More

Pizza Calculator Application for the iPhone

Pizza Calculator application for the iPhone: Select from over 30 items and specialty pizzas for your portion of the pizza.Add another person and repeat until you have asked everyone.Click on Calculate.Select how much pizza each person is going to eat.The Pizza Calculator optimizes the ingredients so you get the right amount of pizza, while satisfying everyones hunger. I dunno. Sounds like more trouble than it's worth. And really, double cheese, green olives, green peppers, and ham? WTF kind of pizza is that? [via Beef Aficionado Nick]... More

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