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'The Devil's Food Dictionary' Definition of 'Pizza'

Earlier today on the burger site, I excerpted a definition the "hamburger" from The Devil's Food Dictionary, a wickedly witty little book coming out in early September. Naturally, I turned to the entries concerning pizza, as well. There are three: pizza, "pizza," and pizza cutter. I like what author Barry Foy writes about "pizza." (The quotation marks are his and are intentional.) "Pizza": A baked pastry resembling Pizza, ubiquitous on college campuses. "Pizza" consists of 1) a flat, breadlike disk, dressed with 2) a "Sauce," usually the color of tomatoes, and 3) any number of "toppings" made of "Ingredients." The... More

In Videos: DiGiorno Pizza Can't Solve All Your Problems

"It's not delivery, it's DiGiorno!" How could anyone ever forget that catchy tagline for the frozen pizza brand? It's impossible. Just don't let the pizza and its memorable branding take over your life in inappropriate situations, such as treating your girlfriend to a 10th anniversary dinner or tending to your girlfriend's snake bite. Watch this video by comedy group BriTANicK to find out why, after the jump.... More

Pizza Greases the Wheels of Labor

The Onion The Onion nails it this week with its story "Potential Employee Uprising Quelled by Free Pizza." "Everyone's been fed up and ready to explode at management for weeks," production designer Carolyn Wurster said. "But then all those pizzas showed up, and it just didn't seem like the right time to start demanding a legitimate healthcare plan or salary raises that reflect the amount of work we do." Added Wurster, "They ordered like 10 huge pies." Heh. This is so dead on.... More

Do You Do Liver?

I normally don't publicize pizza pranks because we try to maintain an air of respect for the fine folks who make our favorite meal, but this series of prank calls from the U.K. is pretty rich. After the obvious Bart Simpson–esque "Anita Gofradump," there's some nice word play going on. Link: Radio Host Prank Calls Scottish Pizza Takeaway [YouTube]... More

In Videos: David Sedaris Delivers a Pizza

When humorist David Sedaris needs to make some extra cash, he resorts to delivering pizza, "right to your door in 30 bleak anecdotes or less—or your irony is free!" While standing in your doorway, he'll regale you with anecdotes from his bleak childhood and even eat your pizza, for no extra charge! After the jump, watch the best/most potentially awkward pizza delivery ever, acted out by sketch comedy group Weak Nights. [via Defamer]... More

There's a Message in This Somewhere

The Diesel Sweeties comic strip from December 21 had a pizza theme. Tip o' the hat to Dan Dickinson for calling my attention to it. Click on the first panel here to jump over to the Diesel Sweeties site to read the punchline, which I still don't get.... More

A Stoke of Genius

Slice reader and graphic designer Norman H. manages to combine the concepts of coal-oven pizza and stoking a coal-fire in a brilliant little creation that's at once novel and obvious in a why-didn't-anyone-think-of-it-before way. Thanks, Norman!... More

Chuck E. Cheese Joins YouTube

Slice is gonna put a little freak in your Friday with this fan-produced YouTube vid of Chuck E. Cheese. (After the jump) But first, a quote from the video, so you know where this is headed: "You know, I joined this YouTube thing because I saw you kids were having some fun at my place, and I thought maybe I could have some fun, too. Go ahead and add me to your friends list, and I'll go ahead and add ya back. You know, we can have a little mutual thing. Heh heh heh." Update: Don't bother clicking through. The... More

Find da Popes in da Pizza

With all the recent pope talk going on, Slice can't help but be reminded of Father Guido Sarducci's "Finda da popes in da pizza" bit on Saturday Night Live. From a transcript of the bit, which appeared as part of a 1979 Weekend Update segment: It's amazing to me all the interest in the Pope last couple weeks. I think it's because of John Paul's visit, personally, but, you know, whatever the reason, people are buyin' these posters that show all of the Popes and people want to know what their names are, what their real names are, when they... More

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