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The 2013 Serious Eats Guide to Grilling

J. Kenji López-Alt Post a comment

Getting ready to fire up that grill for Independence Day? We've got you covered over on our Grilling Page. Swing on by and you'll find a whole section on Grilling How-Tos, which will walk you through making the juiciest boneless chicken breasts, grilling perfect burgers, or cooking up the ultimate steak. More

The Food Lab: How To Cook and Shuck a Lobster

The Food Lab J. Kenji López-Alt 35 comments

This week we've already discussed how to buy and store a lobster and tasted soft shell lobsters blind against hard shells (hint: we unanimously preferred soft shells). Now the real question: what's the best way to cook them? Boiling? Steaming? Roasting? And what about killing the sucker before you do it? Should they be boiled alive? Frozen to death? Bludgeoned with a rubber chicken? Let's take a look at all of those questions (except the chicken one, silly). More

Top This: Buenos Aires (à la Los Angeles Pizza Company)

Slice Kelly Bone 2 comments

Take a look at the Buenos Aries. At first it looks like a mushroom and sausage pizza... and to some extent, that's exactly what this is. But that's not run-of-the-mill sausage, it's choripan, an Argentinean beef sausage spiked with nutmeg. And that's not regular sauce under the cheese, it's herbaceous chimichurri. This cultural blend is the motif of Los Angeles Pizza Company, a pizzeria with strong neighborhood ties that continuously interoperates the diverse city around them. More

Top This: Dates, Blue Cheese, and Caramelized Onion (à la Street)

Slice Kelly Bone Post a comment

The daily pizza is inspired by what the kitchen is craving, often driven by tried and true combinations from the menu. This particular pizza is a derivative from their sweet and savory Syrian Lamb Meatballs with carob date molasses. It's like a bacon-wrapped, blue cheese-stuffed date in pizza form! More

Top This: Arugula and Prosciutto (à la Pizzanista)

Slice Kelly Bone 10 comments

Even if you're not a home pizzaiolo, you can still make this Top This! Just start with a pie from your favorite local pizzeria. More

Video: How To Make Soondubu Jjigae (Korean Soft Tofu Stew)

J. Kenji López-Alt 28 comments

Earlier this winter Robyn and I both had a bit of a cold, and there are few things in the world better for a cold than soondoobu jjigae—Korean soft tofu stew. A rich broth flavored with pork, beef, or seafood along with glutamate-dense sea kelp and dried anchovies, it arrives at the table fiery red, bubbling intensely in a hot stone pot. Watch this video and check out our recipe to learn how to make it! More

How to Make Sriracha from Scratch

Joshua Bousel 36 comments

Setting out to recreate Huy Fong's ubiquitous rooster sauce, I ended up with something that hit the right notes but had a brighter, fresher flavor that makes homemade Sriracha something special. More

Top This: Cotechino and Cavolo Nero (à la Pizzeria Ortica)

Slice Kelly Bone 2 comments

The Executive Chef at Pizzeria Ortica, Justin Miller, prepares a seasonal cotechino (a cooked holiday sausage) and cavolo nero (Tuscan kale) pizza with smoked mozzarella, spiced mascarpone, and curls of spring onion. It is a perfect balance of flavor and texture. More

How to Make Fresh Silken Tofu from Soy Milk

How To Kumiko Mitarai 17 comments

Kinugoshi, a custard-like tofu often served in the summer, can be made with no fancy equipment and three simple ingredients: water, soybeans and Epsom salt. It's easy to screw up, but with this slideshow, easy to get right on the first try. Even if you lose interest halfway through making it, you've got your own fresh soy milk. More

Homemade Soy Milk

Serious Eats Kumiko Mitarai 2 comments

This fresh, clean homemade soy milk is delicious on its own. But you can add vanilla, almond extract, honey, or sugar. The nice thing is you get to control how much goes in, unlike the sweetened store-bought versions, which also happen to be quite a bit more expensive. More

Fresh Silken Tofu

Serious Eats Kumiko Mitarai 8 comments

This is the most sure-fire method that I have tried. I have gotten smooth, custard-like tofu with this recipe every time. More

Top This: Pizza Bianca (à la Pizzeria Mozza)

Slice Kelly Bone 9 comments

Have you ever fallen in love? If not, then you haven't tasted the Bianca. When the chefs at Pizzeria Mozza met the buttery, truffle-laced sottocenere, it was love at first bite. The rounds of delicate semi-soft cow's milk cheese, from the Veneto region in northern Italy, are aged in juniper and fennel ash rub, providing a subtle background for the overarching truffle flavor. Mozza's relatively long pizza cooking times (8-10 minutes) brings the high fat content of the sottocenere to its oily breaking point. So owner Nancy Sliverton and Executive Chef Matt Molina add a supporting cast of fontina and mozzarella to keep this consummate white pie velvety. More

Sweet Technique: How To Make French Meringue

Sweets Lauren Weisenthal 2 comments

French meringue is one of the most simple, yet mysterious elements in the world of pastry. It consists of only four ingredients; egg whites, sugar, acid, and salt. These ingredients alone may seem unremarkable, but when combined together with the most critical element, forceful whipping, they become a marvel of chemistry and confection. More

Video: Burger Grinding and Grilling

A Hamburger Today Adam Kuban 4 comments

A great video on grinding and grilling burgers from The Brooklyn Kitchen and The Meat Hook. Beautifully shot and edited by Anthony Falco (aka tonycalzone on SE). More

Top This: Momed's Etli Pide

Slice Kelly Bone 13 comments

On the streets of Istanbul, Alex Sarkissian and Chef Matt Carpenter discovered the irresistible Etli Pide. This Turkish street food is practically non-existent in the US. For this edition of Top This, we learn how to make their Etli Pide, an open-faced calzone brimming with seasoned minced beef, kasseri cheese, organic farm egg and thyme spiked oven roasted tomatoes. More

Top This: Cashew Cream Pie (à la Portobello)

Slice Adam Lindsley 12 comments

Vegans and the lactose intolerant get the short end of the pizza stick when it comes to finding an enjoyable cheese substitute. But Portland, Oregon's best vegan restaurant, Portobello, has a solution: stop trying to replicate cheese in the first place. Owner Aaron Adams devised a simple, easy, vegan replacement for head pizzaiolo Will Fain's delectable pies that is nothing whatsoever like mozzarella, but is totally satisfying in its own right: cashew cream. More

How to Make No-Cook Freezer Jam

How To Kumiko Mitarai 18 comments

With freezer jam you get to preserve the bounty of summer without the fuss, heat, equipment, and time that canned jams require. All you need is ripe fruit, sugar (or another sweetener), pectin, and about 15 minutes of easy kitchen time. Before you know it, you'll be proudly scooping up homemade jam for toast, smoothies, yogurt, or just straight into your mouth. More

Tomato-Roasted Garlic Freezer Jam

Serious Eats Kumiko Mitarai 1 comment

Peach-Mango-Ginger Freezer Jam

Serious Eats Kumiko Mitarai Post a comment

Strawberry Mint Freezer Jam

Serious Eats Kumiko Mitarai 1 comment
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