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Lemon Drop Hot Sauce

[Photograph: Max Falkowitz] This hot sauce is a perfect last-minute dash of heat and flavor. Despite its benign color, it's fairly hot, but not as face-meltingly spicy as a brew whipped up from habaneros. Purists may scoff at the inclusion... More

Taste Test: Buffalo Wing Sauce

The basic components of Buffalo wing sauce are hot sauce and butter. Heat plus fat. But not just any old hot sauce will do. They've got to be made with the slightly thick, spicy but not blow-your-head-off, super vinegary stuff. We tried seven sauce variations in pursuit of the most finger-lickin' good. More

Serious Heat: Obsessed with Gochujang, the Korean Chile Sauce

Welcome to my new obsession: gochujang. If you're a fan of that fermented taste of miso, this is the hot sauce condiment for you. It's salty and earthy with a side of heat. A Korean-American friend explained the condiment's use in terms this Southern gal could understand: "Gochujang is a definite staple in the Korean kitchen, like lard to a Southerner." Soon, I was using it in all my cooking needs. More

Serious Heat: Hot Sauces That Think Outside the Bottle

Editor's note: Each week, Gretchen VanEsselstyn of Chile Pepper magazine drops by to drop some Serious Heat. Here at Chile Pepper magazine, masochism is alive and well. For our annual March "Hot Sauce" issue, we tasted a few hundred hot sauces from makers large and small over a four-week period. We categorized them, wrote up notes, took some photos, and assembled the info into a giant buying guide. And then we checked in with our gastroenterologists. This year, we took a journey through the alphabet, from A for Asian and African sauces through Z for ZestFest, with stops along the way for categories like Chipotle, Dessert, Garlic, Jerk, Mustard, Texas, and, of course, XXX. I is for Ideas, and the... More

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