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The Heat (and Funk) Is on at Boiling Point, Seattle's Hot Pot Mecca

Eating Asian Jay Friedman Post a comment

The deep red hue of fiery broths and the pungent smell of stinky tofu make this hot pot chain a compelling place to eat. Here's a look at perhaps the two most popular of their ten available hot pots. More

Have-It-Your-Way Hot Pots and More at Uway Malatang in Seattle

Eating Asian Jay Friedman Post a comment

With a self-service cooler area where you can design your own hot pot and a window showcasing the chef's noodle-making skills, Uway Malatang is a desirable destination in a largely abandoned mini-mall. More

Hot Pot at Hot Kitchen

New York Max Falkowitz 7 comments

On Fridays and Saturdays, Hot Kitchen's hot pot tables are in high enough demand that you may want to make a reservation. Weeknights are easier to score. Here's a look at what you can expect. More

Where's Your Favorite Hot Pot in NYC?

New York The Serious Eats Team 11 comments

The recent cold snap has us craving soup something fierce, but you know what's better than soup? A giant, communal soup pot in the center of the table that lets you cook all your ingredients to your liking. We're talking about hot pot, Chinese-style fondue, and we want to know where you get it. More

Slurped: A Broth to Treasure at Mister Hotpot

New York Chichi Wang 5 comments

The are two broths at Mister Hotpot: a spicy one with lots of chili peppers, Sichuan peppercorns, what have you, and a not-spicy one. You can order one broth for your meal or split the pot and get both. While the spicy broth is perfectly fine, it's that non-spicy "special broth," made with pork bones and various spices—cinnamon, star anise, and a more esoteric Chinese spice called cai guo, that will outperform most. It is the most important thing about Mister Hotpot, this broth of theirs. More

Fast Food International: Hot Pot at Little Sheep in Flushing

New York Krista Garcia 9 comments

Hot pot has never been in short supply in New York City, but that didn't stop Little Sheep, a big-in-China, Mongolia-based chain from opening its first local branch in Flushing. More

Traditional Sukiyaki (Japanese Beef Hot Pot)

Serious Eats Sydney Oland 4 comments

[Photograph: Sydney Oland] About the author: Sydney Oland lives in Somerville, Mass. Find more information at sydneyoland.com (or read eatingnosetotail.com)... More

Hakata Tonton: In Praise of Pork Foot

New York J. Kenji López-Alt 8 comments

A few years back, Fergus Henderson of London's St. John restaurant introduced the glory of sticky, rich, pig's foot broth to the masses (see Henderson's recipe for "Trotter Gear" in the delightful The Whole Beast: Nose to Tail Eating). Chef/owner Himi Okajima of Hakata Tonton in the West Village agrees with Henderson's unbridled love of trotters—so much so that he's built an entire restaurant out of it. Nearly every item on the menu (save for dessert) features tonsoku broth, or collagen-rich nuggets of braised foot. More

Fast Food International: Quickly

New York Krista Garcia 4 comments

Popular with a younger crew, thanks to their student discount, the often-crowded café has a presence in all of the city's major Chinatowns: Sunset Park's, Flushing's, and of course Manhattan's. More

Bay Area Eats: Wuji Ma La Hot Pot

Wan Yan Ling 10 comments

Wei La hot pot, spice level 0.5. On a chill winter night, there may be no better food in the world than hot pot. You sit, you order, and within minutes, a cauldron of flavorful broth is brought to your table, along with generous platters of meats, innards, seafood, and vegetables. The pot sits on a low flame, bubbling merrily throughout the meal, and you get to decide how and when you'd like your food - tossing in some napa cabbage first so it simmers over the course of the meal to a melt-in-the-mouth tenderness, sliding a plate of shrimp in so the broth takes on a delicious, oceanic brineyness, and giving some thinly-sliced lamb a quick, five-second swish... More

For This Weather, It's Hot Pot Time At Grand Sichuan

New York Michele Humes 8 comments

Before there was Sudafed, there was Sichuan hot pot. Central China's answer to fondue, a steaming pot of fiery broth, bobbing with dried chilis and peppercorns is a powerful decongestant. I guess I wasn't the only person feeling the... More

Emperor Japanese Tapas Shabu Is Quite the Mouthful

New York Joe DiStefano 1 comment

Editor's note: Yesterday, Grub Street posted about Emperor Japanese Tapas Shabu Restaurant in Chinatown, remarking that it had "somehow completely eluded reviewers and bloggers." Well it just so happens that our man Joe DiStefano ate there last week and filed... More

Hello? I'd Like to Make a Hot Pot Reservation for a Party Of 100,000

Lia Bulaong Post a comment

OK, so as a visual spectacle of hot pot cooking, nothing beats the world's largest hot pot I posted about last month, but this 1.5 mile-long hot pot table that sat 100,000 people is still pretty amazing, especially when you consider they "ate about 30 tons of tripe and 20 tons of duck intestines." I do not envy the clean up crew!... More

Is This The World's Largest Hot Pot?

Lia Bulaong 4 comments

From China View: "Local residents dine around a huge hot pot in Chengdu, Southwest China's Sichuan Province, Feb. 16, 2007. The huge hot pot measures 12 meters (39 feet) in diameter, and 4 meters (13 feet) in total height. The maker of the pot has applied for a World Guinness Record as the world's largest hot pot." (What's a hot pot anyway? Wikipedia to the rescue: "It consists of a simmering pot of stock at the center of the dining table. While the hot pot is kept simmering, ingredients are placed into the pot and are cooked at the table. (...) Meat or vegetables are loaded individually into the hot cooking broth by chopsticks, and cooking time is brief.... More

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