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Top This: Hot Oil

The Colony Grill's hot oil pizza inspired my own foray into preparing and using this condiment. [Photograph: Adam Kuban] I first had hot oil on pizza at the Colony Grill in Stamford, Connecticut, and I loved the stuff. Less a true "topping" than a condiment, it nevertheless has the power to transform a plain pizza into a just-spicy-enough affair. Its slow burn is satisfying on an, ahem, chilly day but not overpowering enough to keep you from tasting the rest of your slice. After the jump, a quick take on making a quick chile-infused oil.... More

Dear Slice: Ever Hear of Colony Pizza?

I'm a pizza fan, Brooklynite, and avid reader of Slice. I was wondering if you'd ever heard of the Colony in Stamford, Connecticut? My family has a long history with the Colony's pizza, and we're big fans. It's really thin — almost like a cracker — and very delicious. Anyway, we're making our annual pre-Easter trek to the Colony in a couple of days, and I'm thinking about putting a review of sorts on my blog. IF, that is, I decide to spread the word . . . It's already crowded enough! —Molly The word is out! Now you'll have... More

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