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Excellent Tiny Wieners at Hot Dog Charlie's in Cohoes, NY

I don't often make the trip way the heck upstate to my sister's place in the Keene Valley, but when I do decide to make the trek, hot dogs figure largely into the math. See, the drive up neatly bisects the heart of the New York-Connecticut-Pennsylvania-Michigan hot dog trail, with several important stops along Route 87. You did know that such a trail exists, right? And there are some mighty interesting dogs to be found along the way... More

Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs with Avocado, Tomato, Onion, Mayonnaise, and Potato Chips

I started a Talk thread a couple weeks back in honor of National Hot Dog Day asking you guys what your favorite topping combinations are. To be frank, I didn't realize Serious Eats was populated by so many weirdos amazingly interesting people, but I relish every chance I get to ketchup with you guys, so it's nice to give our conversations that little kick in the buns every once in a while. This here post is about one of my favorite hot dog toppings. I hope it cuts the mustard.

Ack, I 'm terribly sorry for all that, I don't know what came over me. Jokes about sausages are the wurst.


Hot Slaw Dogs

They always say living in the summertime is easy. Same goes for recipe development. Summer recipes tend to fall into two buckets: fresh produce very simply prepared, and backyard classics. So what makes recipe writing easy? Because pick any two things from within the same buckets, and chances are the flavors and the spirit are going to go well together. Case in point: cole slaw and hot dogs. More

Taste Test: Pepperidge Farms vs. Arnold/Oroweat Hot Dog Buns

In the past, we've published taste test results for all-beef hot dogs and our favorite natural casing pork and beef hot dogs from Michigan, but we've never really addressed their partner in crime, the hot dog bun. Today we rectify that oversight by pitting the two biggest, baddest hot dog bun bakeries in the world against each other in a head-to-head, one-on-one cage match. Only one bun can emerge victorious. Unless, you know, it's a tie. Which it wasn't. More

Standing Room Only: Prepare for Delicious Confusion at Johnny O's

I walked up to Johnny O's with the intent to fall in love. I have a serious weakness for old school Chicago stands, especially ones with faded signs and walkup windows. Added to this, Johnny O's specializes in two hard to find Chicago classics: the breaded steak sandwich and the mother-in-law. Very few places serve either, and I've never been anywhere that served both. More

Beyond the Chicago Dog: 8 Haute Hot Dogs We Love in Chicago

While Chicago is associated with one particular style of hot dog, in practice we're more of an equal opportunity hot dog admirer. Honestly, we'll try pretty much anything on top of a sausage—just so long as it's good. That's especially true now, as chefs around town have decided to experiment with the hot dog, topping it with ingredients we'd never even consider as possibilities. More

Hot Dog Of The Week: David's Kosher Taste Test

David's Kosher is an interesting new hot dog brand that seems to be pushing the "healthy"—or at least "gluten free, uncured, natural"—angle, along with the kosher and regional Chicago angle. These all-beef franks basically taste like a fusion between a New York-style Hebrew National and a milder Chicago Vienna Beef dog. I tested them out with a couple different methods and various levels of toppings. More

Hot Dog of the Week: New Jersey Italian Hot Dog from Hot Diggity in Philadelphia

I was a bit skeptical of Hot Diggity's February special, as I am of many reimagined, fancied-up regional hot dogs. Messing with something like the New Jersey Italian Hot Dog or "NJIHD" —a north Jersey thing, land of the most hard-core hot dog purists in the country—is dangerous. Jersey-style pizza bread made by an organic artisan pizza place in Philadelphia? But guess what? It works. More

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