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Taste Test: Pepperidge Farms vs. Arnold/Oroweat Hot Dog Buns

In the past, we've published taste test results for all-beef hot dogs and our favorite natural casing pork and beef hot dogs from Michigan, but we've never really addressed their partner in crime, the hot dog bun. Today we rectify that oversight by pitting the two biggest, baddest hot dog bun bakeries in the world against each other in a head-to-head, one-on-one cage match. Only one bun can emerge victorious. Unless, you know, it's a tie. Which it wasn't. More

Bread Baking: Chicago-Style Hot Dog Buns

When I moved away from Chicago, I thought that the lack of poppy seed hot dog buns in my new hometown was something I could remedy by looking harder when shopping. It took awhile for me to figure out that poppy seed buns aren't popular outside Chicago. Everywhere I asked about them, I got quizzical looks, but no buns. Some hot dog vendors elsewhere sell Chicago-style dogs with poppy seed buns, but grocery stores don't sell them at all. Ever. Of course, my answer is to make my own. More

Hot Dog Bun Grilling Jig

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories You know what happens when you flatten your hot dog bun so you can toast it on the grill: The "hinge" breaks. Crap! But wait! Windell at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories came up with an ingenious solution. A little A-frame jig that you can easily make yourself. Instructions here. I know what I'm doing this weekend.... More

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