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Time for a Drink: Bishop

Serious Eats Paul Clarke 5 comments

This recipe was printed in January's issue of Esquire , where cocktail historian David Wondrich noted that Dickens was particularly fond of this variety of Bishop. It's easy to see why: it's not too difficult to prepare (assuming you don't mind baking an orange), it's thoroughly warming, and absolutely delicious. More

What Are Your Favorite Hot, Boozy Drinks?

Drinks Paul Clarke 35 comments

For a huge chunk of the country, winter is currently at its frigid worst. With weather like this, you can be forgiven for needing a little bump in your coffee, or a little wahoo to a chill-busting mug of hot cocoa. What are your favorite hot, boozy drinks? Here are some of mine. More

Spicy Ginger Hot Toddy

Serious Eats Andrea Lynn 2 comments

When it gets cold out and my nose gets sniffly, I happily turn to the curing power of a hot toddy. My standby recipe is from an older version of a Gourmet cookbook for hot buttered rum that combines lemon juice, maple sugar, rum, boiling water and is dotted with a pat of butter. But I wanted to add a spicy element to the mix, using ginger tea as a base for the cocktail, which provides a tiny ginger burn at the back of the throat. More

Winter Drinks With Will: Hot Buttered Mai Tai

Serious Eats Will Gordon 13 comments

I believe very strongly in the restorative powers of warm whiskey and as such will not indulge in this cure for the common cold except when medically indicated. Which means I needed to come up with something else to drink when the air is cold but my body is well. More

Hot Coffee Grog

Serious Eats Paul Clarke 3 comments

If there's been one simple message that's come out of the Four Loko hullaballoo, it's that mixing caffeine and alcohol is a bad idea. Now that this preliminary is out of the way, let's get down to doing that very thing. There are plenty of versions of the Hot Coffee Grog floating around in the booze world. Some contain cream or butter (or, in one tiki-fied version, coconut cream), and some are laced with a range of liqueurs. More

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