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Drinks That Bring Back Memories: Kern's Horchata

Montana might seem like an unlikely place to find horchata, but that's where I tried it first. Kern's horchata isn't exactly like Mexican horchata, which I'd discover later and enjoy less. Kern's is thick and creamy, like melted ice cream, and silted with sugar and cinnamon. I bought it for the first time on a snack run some weekend in the late summer, and kept buying it as temperatures plummeted well below zero and our weekends became more and more about the television in our living room. More

Scooped: Peanut Horchata Sorbet

Horchata is as rich and satisfying as a tall glass of milk, but as refreshing as a jug of iced tea. It cools the body but warms the soul. Since horchata has a nut thing going on, peanut butter was my fat of choice here. Add a good bit of salt and a dash of coffee grinds for depth, and you've got a dairy-free dessert that tastes like it isn't—sorbet for when fruit won't do. More

Going Nuts for Horchata

Vampire Weekend is one of my favorite bands, partly because they have a song called Horchata. You got to give them props for stringing together a rhyme like horchata and balaclava. The creamy almond-based drink is soothing, sweet, and "milky" yet dairy-free. It's a perfect foil to any chili pepper laden dish. More

Sugar Rush: Mercadito Cantina's Flan

[Photo: Kathy Chan] The flan ($7) at Mercadito Cantina come in three versions: vanilla, goat's milk caramel, and horchata. Though all three custards are equally dense and butter-smooth, the last is most worthy of your attention. The haunting cinnamon... More

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