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Where to Drink Near the Walk of Fame in Hollywood

Drinks Esther Tseng 1 comment

With all the gift shops and chain stores that line Hollywood Boulevard along the Walk of Fame, it can be daunting to try to find a place to drink, especially if you're unfamiliar with the area. But there are a few places within spitting distance of The Walk that are actually some of the city's best spots for a cocktail or a beer. More

Littlefork: Great Cocktails at a Neighborhood Favorite in Hollywood

Drinks Esther Tseng 1 comment

Littlefork's status as a favorite in the neighborhood is helped by its late night dollar-oyster hour. But an even bigger facet of the restaurant's success is the cocktail menu curated by Dino Balocchi, a transplant from Chicago's Longman and Eagle. More

Finding the Best Slice on Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles

Slice Kelly Bone 11 comments

After a long, long night, I found myself on Hollywood Boulevard, desperately craving a slice. I randomly chose one of the area's plentiful slice joints and met one of the worst pizzas I've ever had. So, what's a girl to do? I set out to find what (if anything) the Boulevard has to offer in the way of pizza. More

Market Scene: Yamashiro Farmers Market, Hollywood

Market Scene Clarissa Wei 3 comments

The Yamashiro Farmers Market is awfully romantic. Perched directly beneath the Asian restaurant of the same name in the Hollywood Hills, the market boasts one of the most beautiful views in Los Angeles. More

Hangover Helper: The Fried Egg Sandwich from 25 Degrees in Hollywood

Drinks Farley Elliott 5 comments

When you're nursing a hangover, it helps to have somewhere dark to hide. Someplace with big, cushiony red booths and crushed velvet walls. The sort of long, welcoming room that you can walk into at 4 p.m. or 4 a.m. and get the same big, buttery, greasy hangover food. Hollywood has such a place. It's called 25 Degrees. More

We Eat Every Hot Dog at Pink's in Hollywood

Farley Elliott 28 comments

We set out to do what nobody before us has ever done before: try every single hot dog on the menu at Pink's Famous Hot Dogs in Hollywood. For those uninitiated to the Pink's hot dog legacy, the 73-year old stand on the corner of Melrose and La Brea serves up everything from basic chili cheese dogs to double-dogs stuffed into a single bun, weighed down with guacamole, chili, cheese, onions, tomatoes, pastrami, bacon... you name it. More

Los Angeles: Duck Confit and More Taco Fusion at Komida

Los Angeles Tacos Farley Elliott 1 comment

If the old adage read: "good food served in the center of Hollywood comes to those who wait," it might be attributed to Brock Kleweno, owner of taco hotspot Komida. Located in the bar / patio section of former nightclub H'Wood, Komida is just down the hill from its humble origins at the Yamashiro Farmers Market. His signature taco is the duck confit. More

Market Scene: Hollywood Farmers' Market in Early Fall

Market Scene Leah Greenstein 5 comments

The market was filled with fall treasures: pomegranates, quinces, crispy Asian pears and winter squash, as well as the lingering delights of late-summer like heirloom tomatoes, Rosso Bianco eggplants, and every grape variety imaginable. More

Los Angeles Tacos: Birria for the Hollywood Masses at Cactus Taqueria

Farley Elliott 4 comments

Among the late-night Hollywood set, there's a quiet war being waged on the streets. As you pile out of whatever expensive social experiment you spent the evening in, do you choose tacos or bacon-wrapped hot dogs? Both are delicious, widely available and an essential source of Vitamin-Sober. But for all the consistent greasy goodness that a street dog provides, it is no match for the wondrous highs of a perfectly executed taco. Particularly if it's the birria taco from Cactus Taqueria on Vine. More

Market Scene: Shopping at the Hollywood Farmers' Market, CA

Market Scene Leah Greenstein 1 comment

I've always let my belly lead the way through the farmers' market—it's usually a good guide—but these days the concept is a bit more literal. Six months pregnant with my first baby, it looks like I'm trying to smuggle one of Underwood Family Farms organic watermelons under my shirt. This week at the Hollywood Farmers' Market there were plenty of new aromas and flavors to introduce to my future son. More

Market Scene: Hooray for (the) Hollywood Farmers' Market

Market Scene Leah Greenstein 2 comments

It may officially be summer, but spring is lingering (in the form of favas, English peas, garbanzos and strawberries) at the Hollywood Farmers' Market. Sure I saw some melons and sweet, ripe pluots, but it was the holdovers from spring that caught my attention at yesterday's Hollywood Farmers' Market. More

Daily Slice: Prizzi's Piazza, Franklin Village, Los Angeles

Slice Lara Bowman 3 comments

Prizzi's Piazza opened in 1989 as a humble five-table pizza joint which has since transformed itself into an intimate Italian restaurant that is still serving great pies. Located in Hollywood's trendy Franklin Village, Prizzi's weekday $8 lunch special of two made-to-order slices of one-topping pizza, a side salad, and a soda or tea is hard to resist. More

White Truffle Can't Save the Burger at Grub in Hollywood, CA

A Hamburger Today Damon Gambuto 18 comments

An eatery hiding in a residential neighborhood delivers an incomplete burger by choosing a substandard bun. More

Market Scene: Pick a Peck of Peppers in Hollywood

Market Scene Leah Greenstein 4 comments

I've been running around this summer. A lot. So much that I feel as though I've been neglecting my friends at the Hollywood Farmers' Market (map). Tomas from Lily's Eggs. John from Sea Fever Seafood. Angel Orozco from Cafecito Organico and Zach Cox from Carmela Ice Cream, to name a few. These people have been part of my Sunday morning ritual for the past few years. They are my community. My church. So yesterday I drove over to Hollywood to get my friend fix, and picked up some great farmers' market info and, as always, delicious food, too. More

A Gourmet Burger in Need of Simplification at Stout in Hollywood

A Hamburger Today Damon Gambuto 9 comments

This new Hollywood gourmet burger joint is tripped up by an impulse to make unusual burger creations. The competing flavors of blue cheese, Gruyère, rosemary bacon, caramelized onion, and horseradish cream on their namesake burger end up canceling each other out. Sometimes, simple is better. More

Burger Disappointment at Square One Dining in Hollywood

A Hamburger Today Damon Gambuto 10 comments

[Photographs: Damon Gambuto] Square One Dining 4854 Fountain Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90029 (map); 213-629-1765; squareonedining.com Cooking Method: Grilled Short Order: Square One has mastered breakfast, but needs to rethink their burger. Want Fries with That? They don't serve... More

Market Scene: Everything's Coming Up Orange in California

Market Scene Leah Greenstein Post a comment

Note: On Mondays, one of our various Market Scene correspondents checks in with what's fresh at farmstands, what's coming up, and what you better get while the gettin's good. This week, we hear from Los Angeles correspondent Leah Greenstein of SpicySaltySweet. Take us to the market, Leah! Persimmons from Peacock Family Farm. If fall had an official color—like poppies are the official flower of California, Humuhumunukunukuapua`a is the official fish of Hawaii and Crocs are the official shoe of Mario Batali—it would have to be orange. Vibrant, warm and evocative of piles of crisp leaves perfect for jumping in, or the jack-o-lantern shrapnel you wade through the morning after Halloween, orange permeates the season. Here are some of my favorite... More

Market Scene: Squash, Sugar Plums, Apples, and Pears in Southern California

Market Scene Leah Greenstein 1 comment

Note: On Mondays, one of our various Market Scene correspondents checks in with what's fresh at farmstands, what's coming up, and what you better get while the gettin's good. This week, we hear from SoCal correspondent Leah Greenstein of SpicySaltySweet. Take us to the market, Leah! Carnival Squash at McGrath Family Farms. [Photographs: Leah Greenstein] I'm tired of tomatoes. There. I said it. After two months straight gorging myself on Early Girls and Purple Cherokees, Green Zebras and Sun Golds, I think I've finally had enough tangy-sweet-tomato-goodness to last me until next summer—or at least until January, when I break into my stash of homemade canned heirloom tomatoes for lasagnas and stews. Fortunately, the Los Angeles farmers' markets (and Southern... More

Market Scene: Boysenberries, Figs, and Pluots the Cure to L.A.'s June Gloom

Market Scene Leah Greenstein 3 comments

Ranier cherries. It's normal for a muted, Pacific Northwest–like grayness to blanket Los Angeles in the morning this time of year, but it usually burns off around noon, leaving the remainder of the day a lovely sunny 72 degrees. Over the last two weeks, however, the June gloom just wouldn't lift, creating a contagious case of sun-deprived crankiness that spread among Angelenos like swine flu. Fortunately, hints of blue sky cracked the cloud cover early yesterday morning that, combined with the early summer bounty at the Hollywood Farmers' Market (map), was therapeutic. Last month, Brooks cherries kicked off stone-fruit season with their tangy-crisp sweetness. Now the crimson-hued Bing and Ranier cherries (above), with their Fuji-apple-like shadings, dominate the market... More

Market Scene: Cherries, Beets, and Sour Plums

Market Scene Leah Greenstein 4 comments

Note: On Mondays, one of our various Market Scene correspondents checks in with what's fresh at farmstands, what's coming up, and what you better get while the gettin's good. Today, Leah Greenstein (SpicySaltySweet) drops by from Los Angeles. Take us to market, Leah! Brooks cherries from Ken's Produce. When I was a kid, I was allergic to everything red (or at least that's what my mother told me, my fiancé thinks she made it up). Tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries, cherries, and Kool-Aid fruit punch were all off limits. Fortunately, after years of miserable pizza parties and strawberry shortcake headaches, I grew out my food allergies. And what I found on the other side of antihistamines were tangy-sweet, ruby-colored cherries that made... More

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